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It’s hard to imagine a time where I didn’t have a liquid lipstick plastered on my face…well, unless you count the 6 days a week I exclaim “I can’t be bothered!” and head out bare-faced. But the fact still stands, when I can be arsed to get some slap on, trust and believe I’ll be using a liquid lippie. The hype boomed in 2016, and we saw loads and loads of brands try to jump on the bandwagon that was dominated by the likes of Kat Von D, Jeffree Star and Huda Beauty’s products. 

I wasn’t about to clean out my bank account investing in the whole collections of the giant brands, and I really wanted to find more affordable options. Some of the cheaper ones were okay for a while…I remember dabbling in Gerard Cosmetics’ offerings, along with some La Splash and Sleek variations too. But even after frittering all those pounds, it wasn’t until I discovered the NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks that I really fell in love.

I’ve always been a big believer in the phrases ‘you get what you pay for’ and ‘if you buy cheap, you’ll buy twice!’, but these sayings couldn’t be less true in NYX’s case. I first became aware of the brand in 2014; I was still living in Australia and was very new to makeup. 

I remember buying three of the famous Round Lipsticks for £3 each. I was obsessed with the bronzed Australian beauty YouTubers, and as a result, I copied them and the most offensive colours for my pale English skin tone. I was amazed with how cheap they were, and I did actually wear these lipsticks all the time (I’m wincing now, but was absolutely living for my fifteen year-old self). Since then, I’ve tried a few of NYX’s other products - mascaras, setting sprays, and lip cremes - but never managed to fall deeply in love. 

I bought my first NYX Lip Lingerie shade in early 2016, and chose a dark brown shade called Beauty Mark (which has since been flung into the bin with gay abandon after never wearing it), but I was so impressed by the formula and shade range I started slowly building my collection. 

I absolutely love the long, slim doe-foot applicator because it means you can use the tip to draw the lines of the lips before applying it in one go. I always have to over-draw my lips (I curse you, British genes!) and often change up the shape of my cupid’s bow, and the wand helps me to do that. These lipsticks minimise the need for a lipliner, because it’s so easy to see what you’re doing and where you’re going. 

The packaging is *dare I say* a bit of a ripoff of Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipsticks, but I say: “pfffff, burn the witch, she’s a billionaire as of last week.” The tubes are simple and clear with the black brand and logo printed on, and a plain black lid. You get 4ml of product inside, which seems decent to me. I’ve haven’t run out of any of these lipsticks yet, despite feeling like I use them a lot. There’s a useful stopper in the top of the tube which helps reduce product wastage and usually makes sure you only have what you need on the doe-foot. HOWEVER, sometimes the applicator comes out a bit gloopy so I usually scrape it on the side of the tube anyway. 

Left to right | Satin Ribbon, Cashmere Silk, Embellishment

The three shades that I currently own, and currently have on an almost-permanent rotation, are Satin Ribbon, Cashmere Silk and Embellishment. The shade range is certainly very ‘me’, so I might be a bit biased while I’m singing their praises over here. The majority of the shades are dusty, muted and quite 90’s inspired.

Satin Ribbon | Nude beige. I felt like a bit of a dick when this came in the post, because I’m partial to a darker nude, and didn’t realise quite how pale (for me) this was. It took me a while to wear it, but when I did I ended up liking the look of it. It definitely strikes me as something I’d wear on a night out, rather than in the daytime, because for me it has a whiff of concealer-lips. It’s very pretty, though, and a different nude to what I’m personally used to.

Cashmere Silk | Midtone beige. Letting you on to a bit of a secret here; this is almost an exact dupe for Kat Von D’s Bow n Arrow, which I wore every day until it ran out. I chose this shade by chance, and completely couldn’t believe how perfect it was for me. It’s a slightly deeper nude to what some people may expect, but the absolute perfect every day lip colour for me. If you see my selfies on Instagram, there’s a 99% chance I’ve got this on.

Embellishment | Muted purple. I might even go so far as to call it ‘mauve’ or ‘dusty rose’, but it is so pretty. I wore this all the time, and I remember people at university asking me what lipstick I was wearing, and mentioning that it was unique. An added bonus to this purple shade is that, unlike most others, it doesn’t make your teeth look completely medievally yellow in comparison. Yay for oral hygiene! 

These lipsticks can be found in SO many places, making them less flipping stressful than trying to buy shades from their competitors. I’ve probably spent weeks of my googling swatches to try to find out which shade I should buy from other brands online. If you nip into a big Boots, they’ll almost certainly have a NYX counter so you can swatch to your heart’s content. If not, the NYX website have a tool where you can upload a picture of yourself and try the shade on your own image virtually, which I honestly think is such a fantastic idea. 

Many liquid lipsticks are produced with very vibrant shades in the range that are so difficult to judge by online swatches. On top of all that, they’re only £7 each, and I can’t stress how good that value is for the product you’re getting. If you’ve swatched instore, you could try searching online for NYX’s various stockists who regularly have discounts on, so you can save yourself extra £££s.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x 


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