Friday, June 11, 2021


Scrolling through Pinterest for hours feels like a valuable use of my time. And that is especially the case when I have other important things to be doing. Oh, how I can gayly fritter away hours adding to my ‘wedding’ and ‘destination’ boards…but my favourite board of all is the ‘food' board. I’m sure its my most pinned-to board out of the lot, and it’s when I was scrolling through various recipes I came across the phenomenon of the Charcuterie Board. Never had I seen such pretty and dainty spreads of food! Now, Really don’t have anything on some of the boards on Pinterest, but this is how I make a charcuterie board for under £20.


Sunday, January 17, 2021


After over a year of living in my dad’s conservatory down in Devon, sleeping on a pullout sofa bed and trying to cram all my clothing onto one small rail, I am so crazy excited to finally have my own space. While I’m so grateful to my dad for allowing me to monopolise one of the ‘communal’ rooms in his house while I saved up, I had always always always wanted to get myself sorted so I could put my own choices and style into my room. After living amongst my dad’s furniture and artwork in the conservatory [a particularly garish, large nude painting on the wall, to name the most offensive!], I wanted to create a sense of calm, minimalism and non-cluttered space. And most of all, I wanted it white and pink!


Sunday, January 10, 2021


I’ve never lived very close to a B&M Bargains store before, but it’s a shop that’s always always been on my radar. I am a sucker for homeware, and I’m even more of a sucker for a bargain! I’ve always been so jealous of people doing their B&M homeware hauls on their blogs and YouTube, and it makes it so much more annoying that their website is quite limited and doesn’t let you order online! So when we moved to Bristol, and I realised I was ten minutes down the road from a huuuuge B&M store, I made it my mission to spend aaaages in there looking for stuff for my new flat. 


Tuesday, January 5, 2021


This was arguably the weirdest Christmas I’ve ever had. It was the first [and hopefully only] Christmas Day I spent alone. I moved to Bristol in late November, and had intended on going home for Christmas, but that disheveled animated gammon steak behind his podium had different ideas. It was a bit last-minute, but we decided it was best to stay separate on Christmas Day and then organise the presents a little later. It worked out pretty okay for me though; I started on the Malbec at 10am with no side-eye from my Dad, and drained my phone battery talking to various friends and family members. I cooked myself a fillet steak for my Christmas dinner and watched the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special. So, I’m not saying it was great, but it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. My parents came to drop off my presents and go for a socially distanced walk a couple days later, which was really lovely. 

I can’t even believe that the totally never-ending shitshow that was 2020 is over. We’ve had Christmas [how??], it’s been New Years [double how??]. I had a really successful load of presents all in all, and as much as I want to sit here and pretend I don’t think Christmas should be all about presents, it’s all I had to bloody look forward to this year, so allow me. And so as we find ourselves in Crimbo limbo, stuffing ourselves with junk food and undertaking approximately 0.0000037 seconds of exercise per day, how’s about a round-up of all the cool and exciting things I got for Christmas this year? 


Saturday, December 5, 2020


There are a few essential bits you need when you’re moving out; a kettle, a mattress, and a gold bar cart..? In true Jasmine-form, I’ve managed to practically bankrupt myself on all those unnecessary bits during this move [peep the mountain of soft-furnishings in the background] and we’re still living life without a toaster in the kitchen, because, priorities?! For those of you who missed it, myself and my best friend Pebbles have moved to Bristol. I’m going to be starting a Home Series of blog posts where I review homeware and do more home-based and decor posts because I’ve loved this part of moving. We’ve been here just under two weeks now, and we’ve been busily making the place feel like home - and trying to surreptitiously stash all our cardboard boxes in as many bins as possible so they aren’t clogging up our living room. High on my list of things to buy was *this* Bar Cart from Primark Home, which I feel like went viral earlier on in the year.

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