Thursday, September 17, 2020


I’ve put myself on a month-long clothing ban. I am sad. HOWEVER, it does give me time away from endlessly scrolling through online stores’ pages and filling baskets to allow me to write my blog posts for all the orders I’ve had over the last few weeks! I recently placed an order with SHEIN, who I’ve ordered from before, for a few late summery bits. SHEIN is a website which I believe is based in China. It’s known for being a bit hit and miss; but if you try to buy a boujie evening gown for £10 and it arrives looking like a tacky parachute, you’re honestly the only one to blame. I have loved some of the stuff I’ve bought from them before, and I always find myself wondering what bargains I can bag. Once I come to terms with the 2-3 weeks shipping time, I’m always impressed with the things I’m able to find! I don’t need any more dresses, but you better believe I bought some. So here are the late-summer pieces I decided to treat myself with this time…


Sunday, September 13, 2020


I was BORN to get people presents; I love it, I get so excited to write my to-buy lists and (best of all) could sit and wrap them all day with all my pretty paper and gift bags. I can see into my future, and I’m definitely going to be that middle-aged woman who wears linen trousers and her cashmere jumper tied round her shoulders who puts together a gift hamper to say thank-you to our neighbours, Nigel and Barbara, for having us over for a barbecue. And I am okay with that. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I do get stuck sometimes, and when that happens, you’ll more than likely find me on Pinterest or looking at my fellow bloggers’ gift guides for a bit of inspo. Surfing the ol’ interwebz is where I first came across the ‘5 Senses’ gift idea, and I immediately thought it was the cutest bloody thing I’d ever seen! The basic premise is that rather than getting one ‘main’ gift for that special someone, you get them five gifts; one that relates to each of the five senses. These seem to be more suited to anniversary presents or significant others, but I don’t see why this couldn’t be used for your friends or family. I decided to do this for my boyfriend’s birthday this weekend, but I thought I’d use it for a blog post and include a few ideas for each sense, in case you wanted to experiment with this too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Real talk…is this blog just a Lounge Underwear fan account at this point? Very possibly. But these sets are pretty much curing my depression, impeaching President Trump and inventing the covid-19 vaccine at this point, so you’d better believe I’m going to keep investing in them. I’m actually quite surprised I never bought the pink set before now, because I compensate for my lack of personality almost exclusively by plastering myself in as much baby pink as physically possible. I am in absolute love with this latest set, so I wanted to take some pretty pictures and tell you what I think of these; my latest and newest favourite undercrackers…

Saturday, August 29, 2020


There are a few things I simply will not compromise on. Don’t get me wrong, I can eat Tesco Value beans and drink cheap, shitty £5 bottles of wine without batting an eyelid. But when it comes to my skincare routine, you’d best believe it’s elaborate and expensive. Skincare is so important to me; the routine and the ritual are all part of it. And having lovely skin is obviously a bonus too. I’ve tried more skincare brands than I’d care to admit [I’d hate to see the total amount of money I’ve spunked on it over the years], but I feel like I’ve found a range of products that I absolutely love using and could not be without now. I recently had to replenish my stash of PIXI by Petra Skincare, and I wanted to show you what I chose this time…

Monday, August 24, 2020


With all the jet-setting and travelling we’re all doing this year [I am joking, obv], one of my most ridiculous lockdown purchases has to be the Black Miami Triangle Bikini Set by Lounge. I mean, it was hardly an essential buy, but it didn’t half make me happy. The lockdown rule seems to be ‘a parcel a day keeps the sadness away’, and I’ve been testing that theory. It appears to really work! So although I may not have been on my round-the-world trip - as planned for May-August of this year - I certainly have been making a lot of use of the sun lounger in my back garden. Lounge has only recently launched their Swim range, so I did want to be one of the first to order a set and give my first impressions and try it on for you! Here’s what I think…
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