Welcome to my little slice of internet! My name is Jasmine McRae and I’m 20. I live in the southwest of England in Bristol where I'm studying Journalism! I'm from sunny Devon, but I lived in Australia and moved back after being out there for three years. I’m a hopeless romantic, an absolute food fanatic and movie geek. I drink a whole load of tea, and spend a lot of my time watching puppies on YouTube. Honestly, I'd describe myself as a golden retriever; blonde, happy, a little bit ditzy but extremely soft and extremely friendly. I'm a big kid at heart and adore anything from bouncy slides to disney films. I've got a borderline unhealthy obsessions with skincare, haircare, makeup and clothes, and I hope you find my reviews and ramblings helpful! Hopefully this page will give you a little bit of insight into my personality, but if you want more, I made a 50 facts about me YouTube video that you can watch here:

Why did you start JasmineMcRae?
I started the blog back in Australia, initially to supplement my YouTube channel, but my blog has become my greatest passion and I’ve carried it on with much more dedication than with my videos. I do still post videos, but I’m definitely most active on my blog. In Australia I was quite a lonely soul and I had a lot of time to dedicate myself to two of my passions; beauty and writing!

Do you have Instagram?
Yes I certainly do! It is a personal account so there’s mostly pictures of my daily bits and bobs but I do post pictures of beauty related things (Link). I’ve also got other social media accounts on Twitter (Link), Bloglovin’ (Link), Lookbook (Link) and of course my YouTube channel (Link)!

What is your job?

Right now I work at Five Guys (mmmm burgers) but I’m studying Journalism at UWE in Bristol so I can one day turn this blogging business into something much more.

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