Hello new friend! My name is Jasmine McRae and I was born in 1995. Welcome to my UK-based beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog. I’ve got a very unhealthy obsession with makeup and skincare. I’m rubbish at doing hair, but my hair-related posts and videos seem to be some of my more popular ones! I also occasionally post about food (because I’m a blimmin glutton) and I adore travelling, so I post about my travels whenever I get to go away. It’s a little bit of an eclectic blog, but I hope you find something you enjoy reading here.

I graduated with my Journalism degree from the University of East London, and writing is my passion. I also create content regularly for my YouTube channel! 

I currently live in Devon, but my transient nature means I'll be off somewhere else soon. I love long walks on the beach, big dicks and fried chicken [niche quote, HMU if you get it so we can be best mates]. I collect tattoos, and you can usually find me despairing over what pastel shade to dye my hair next. For my contact details, please visit the ‘Contact Me’ page at the top of my blog. My email address is PR friendly!

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