Sunday, July 31, 2016


I’m much more likely to get excited over a new face product rather than any other kind of beauty product. I get so excited over powders, concealers and blushes, and practically wee myself at the arrival of a new foundation. I’ve certainly found a new favourite in Benefit Cosmetics’ Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation. I have adored it for a good couple of weeks now, so here are my musings on this wonder-product.

For starters, helloooo pretty packaging. Hello cutesy, whimsical, impossible-to-remember name. Hello higher-end price tag. I absolutely adore heading up to the Benefit counter because their products are all so colourful and interesting and unusual. That’s why I love this foundation; it’s unusual to be able to find such a brightening, illuminating foundation that really flatters you. I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with dewy finishes. I love how they look on people, but they look shockingly greasy and sweaty on me. Despite this foundation not claiming to be a dewy foundation, it’s certainly really revitalising and enhances my skin.

This foundation doesn’t behave like some of the others I use; it doesn’t mask or try to erase my flaws, it just sort of blurs them away with a photoshoppy sort of feel. I don’t like the very mask-like foundations (MAC Studio Fix, I’m looking at you), so this one is ticking all the boxes by letting me blend away my redness and dark circles, but allowing me to keep my freckles and keep my skin looking like actual skin.

The above pictures are with JUST one pump of Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW buffed in with my Real Techniques expert face brush. This is definitely a foundation that works incredibly well with a buffing brush, as it blends effortlessly and naturally. Despite the slightly eye-watering price tag, this is such an important investment for your summer makeup bag. I’m in love with the way my skin looks using this foundation. Dammit, Benefit, you just keep drawing me back in with your incredibly lovely lotions and potions!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


Thursday, July 28, 2016


90s lip colours are absolutely everything to me at the moment. They’re all I wear. I’m all about the moody, grungy, earthy tones that were revived by the great Kylie Jenner, and I’ve truly started to embrace this style. My wardrobe consists of mainly blacks and greys, and I’ve built a bit of a MAC lipstick collection that compliments my dark colour scheme. Since I like to think I’m a bit of a grunge connoisseur, I wanted to share my top 90s shades with you!

Velvet Teddy
Hello, MAC’s most famous shade ever. If you’ve not heard of Velvet Teddy, you’ve most likely been living under a rock. It’s the lightest of the bunch, but is still beautifully earthy and beigy on the lips. This is my everyday lip right now, and I just love the warmth it gives my makeup.

Faux is the pinkiest shade, but it’s still muted and mauvey and beautiful beyond belief. This was actually the first 90s shade I picked up (because when I went to buy Velvet Teddy, it was out of stock). Faux has a slight shimmer, but again, it’s wonderfully wearable and is a perfect everyday 90s nude.

I picked this baby up on my 21t birthday about a month ago, and it’s so pretty. It’s definitely darker than the previous two, but it’s much woodier and warmer, whilst still being earthy and flattering. The matte finish is like velvet, and I’ve bee rocking this for dinners, drinks and evenings out lately.

The lipstick version of MAC’s incredible lip pencil really rocked my world. It’s ten out of ten for pigmentation, comfort and longevity. The colour is so stunning; probably my favourite of the bunch. It’s darker again, and therefore I love it for evenings. The brownish, mauvey tones compliment my paler complexion, though I know it looks beyond beautiful on my darker skinned friends too.

Paramount is the most stunning 90s red lip, ever. You get that? EVER! This brick red shade with warm brown undertones screeeams 90s glam, and warms up my skintone perfectly whilst packing a dressed up, dolled up punch. This is my go-to red lip now, and again, the matte finish is flattering as anything and feels comfy on the lips.

I’ll definitely be doing some lip swatches in the future, simply because these shades are beautiful and I really want to show off how gorgeous these shades all are. My 90s picks are stunning, and they really are my favourites of my entire MAC collection. Which is your favourite? Are there any other 90s lipsticks I should try?

Lots of love,

Jasmine x


Saturday, July 23, 2016


Starting full time work does have its perks, I suppose! Sure, I may be getting up at 6am every morning, getting home exhausted, not having time to shower, being the proud owner of two greyish, purplish designer bags under my eyes, BUT, I seem to be making more money than I’ve ever been used to, and that means I can afford to treat myself a bit! Topshop has always been such a favourite of mine. It’s where I would love to buy most of my clothes from (wallet permitting), but I absolutely HAVE to have my jeans from there, and their underwear is top-notch. Here are my latest online purchases, exciting!

Stab Stitch Bralet and High Waist Pant | £36.00
Three Stripe Crop Tee by Adidas Originals | £25.00
PETITE MOTO Ripped Mom Shorts | £30.00

So I’m definitely embracing a grungier style. I’ve always loved a touch of the 90s, and I’m a sucker for Adidas originals. It’s also my boyfriend’s birthday coming up, so that explains the unbelievably beautiful gunmetal lingerie set. What did you last pick up from Topshop? Let me know!

Lots of love,


Friday, July 22, 2016


Recently I’ve been feeling really crappy about my weight and my body. Every 6 months or so, I’ll go on a massive health kick and bust out the juicer, the calorie-counter apps and head off to some fitness classes. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit, and this time I’m reeeeally trying to make a habit of healthy eating and sustainable exercise in order to keep myself looking and feeling good.

I adore juicing. It’s a failsafe way of cramming loads of fruit and veg into my body and I feel so creative and excited to be creating all these different flavours and combinations in my kitchen. It’s super fun! And I’d recommend it to anyone who is a foodie, but is getting a little bit body conscious. Here’s the superfood detoxifying juice recipe that I’ve created this morning:

Makes 2 servings:
1 whole cucumber
¾ of a bag of washed kale
½ a pineapple
1 pear
2 gala apples
1 lime
1 whole broccoli

I basically slice all these up into juice-able pieces and chuck them though the juicer. Kale and broccoli are incredible detoxifying veggies, full of vitamins and iron. Cucumber is known for regulating blood pressure and is rich in magnesium and fibre. Pineapples, apples and pear adds to the delicious sweetness of the juice (it’s surprisingly drinkable despite the swampy colour) and of course, the fruits have vitamins galore and loads of natural sugars that boost energy. I’ve had the first round of my juice this morning, then I’ll be having the second serving for lunch at around 1:30pm. I can’t rate this juice enough!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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