Sunday, October 25, 2020


I get so excited when I stumble upon a new Holy Grail product! It doesn’t tend to happen so often now, because I feel like I’ve got my arsenal of amazing products that I’m happy with and will always continue to use. These are things like my Too Faced Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner, my NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick and my Original Source Raspberry and Vanilla Shower Gel - to name a few! I’ve got such a solid collection of stuff I just luuuurve that I rarely branch out and try many new things lately, so this is a particularly exciting blog post for me to be writing!

I recently won a One4All gift voucher from my work for being simply spectacular and amazing [I’m actually really proud and wasn’t expecting this] and I couldn’t wait to treat myself to a load of stuff from Boots. I wanted to stock up on a few things I’d nearly run out of - the top of my list of bits to buy are the Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Rosé, which I’ve been using on and off since 2014 to get my hair my much-loved pastel pink shade. At the time, Boots were having one of their sales, and Bleach London had 1/3 off their products, so ’twas perfect timing. And then! Tragedy! Shock! Gasp! All of the Rosé shades were sold out, but staring at me from the shelves were plenty of Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Smoky Rosé. 


Sunday, October 18, 2020


Autumn is upon us! For most bloggers, that means pumpkin spiced lattes, leather jackets and insta pictures of themselves throwing fallen leaves. In my case, it means using it as an excuse to buy yet another set of Lounge Underwear, just this time, in a vaguely autumnal colour. I don’t wanna hear about whether that’s logical or not; I know these two flimsy pieces of lace aren’t going to keep me warm through the autumn months…but do they look good? Hell yeah they look good! So I decided to treat myself again [you know when you stress so much about money, you feel like the only option is to buy another set of pretty underwear? Yeah, that common issue] and I placed an order for the Mustard Blossom Balcony Bra & Thong by my ultimate faves; Lounge Underwear. Here’s what I [and my cat, by the looks of things] think!


Thursday, October 15, 2020


Hands up if you’ve put the heating on yet! I can’t believe how the weather has changed; autumn is well and truly upon us. I’ve recently acquired some microwavable slippers, and I’m starting to get separation anxiety from the kettle for my endless cups of tea. It’s jumper and wooly hat season, and to be honest, I’m really excited. I love the summer months, but after I’ve worn mini dress after mini dress, I can get a bit bored of the repetitive fashion-side of things. I really love it when the weather changes because I think autumn and winter fashion is a lot more creative; I love the layering and accessorising that comes with the chilly months! I was suuuper excited to be contacted by Katch Me last week, who asked me if I’d like to select a few of their pieces to try for a blog post. I got to choose an item from their Jackets range, their PU range and their Loungewear range - perfect for this time of year! It’s the first time I’ve ever used their site, but I loved having a browse for what I wanted to order. Here’s what I went for…


Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Yep, she’s still a skincare hoarder. Yep, her bathroom cabinet is literally overrun with various pots and tubes and jars of goo. And YES, her skin is still misbehaving. We don’t mind though; it’s just more of an excuse to accumulate more goo and lock myself in the bathroom for an hour a night while I slather myself in skincare. I’ll shut myself in there with a true crime documentary, a cup of tea and I won’t resurface until I’m scrubbed and cleansed to within an inch of my life [you never realise how incredibly rock ’n’ roll you are until you type out your ideal Saturday night, do you?].


Thursday, September 17, 2020


I’ve put myself on a month-long clothing ban. I am sad. HOWEVER, it does give me time away from endlessly scrolling through online stores’ pages and filling baskets to allow me to write my blog posts for all the orders I’ve had over the last few weeks! I recently placed an order with SHEIN, who I’ve ordered from before, for a few late summery bits. SHEIN is a website which I believe is based in China. It’s known for being a bit hit and miss; but if you try to buy a boujie evening gown for £10 and it arrives looking like a tacky parachute, you’re honestly the only one to blame. I have loved some of the stuff I’ve bought from them before, and I always find myself wondering what bargains I can bag. Once I come to terms with the 2-3 weeks shipping time, I’m always impressed with the things I’m able to find! I don’t need any more dresses, but you better believe I bought some. So here are the late-summer pieces I decided to treat myself with this time…

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