Thursday, November 15, 2018


For loads of people (friends and family included), university is the most exciting and rewarding time in someone’s life. You learn who you really are, test your independence, teach yourself to cook, party like a nutter and make the friends you’ll keep forever. You’re told to look forward to it, and you do. I stressed out about my exam results, hoping they’d be good enough to get me into the university I wanted. The application process was so fun and daunting. Emails about courses and open days were flooding into my Gmail and I was so excited to move out into a big city and start my new life as a student. 

But as I sit here typing this blog post, just four months after graduating with First Class Honours in Journalism, I’m looking back and feeling a bit disappointed with the whole university experience…

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


What’s happened to blogging?

I used to look forward to taking photos, editing them, writing reviews and promoting my blog posts every week, but lately my motivation has dwindled down to pretty much zilch. Even my favourite bloggers are posting to their blogs less and less, and that only feeds into my feelings of laziness, mehhhh, and “what’s the bleeding point, anyway?”. My Sunday mornings used to be dedicated to swigging tea, scrolling through my newsletters and catching up on my favourite creators’ content. Sure, there are hundreds of blog posts going live every day, but these aren’t coming from those who have been passionate about the creating process for years. There are loads of articles that are just churned out thoughtlessly uploaded, with OK-ish photos and less-than-perfect reviews or how-tos. But now I’m lucky to find a new blog post (that’s worth reading) more than once a week, from the many bloggers I absolutely love to follow. Where have you all gone???

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


After a relatively whack night’s sleep in our cheap Slovenian hostel (which involved being locked out of our shared bathroom and having to go for a wazz in the shower cubicle), we arose at 6am and made our way to the train station to make our way to Venice! So far, we’d hit Croatia, Budapest, Vienna and Ljubljana, and now it was time to revisit my favourite city in the whole entire world; Venice…

Saturday, October 6, 2018


I’m never late in real life. I turn up to work half an hour early so I can take Instagram stories of me pulling faces at the hideous prospect of working. I’m always early at a restaurant so I can check the menu and decide what I’m having before my mates turn up and distract me from my one true love (food). But for some reason, I’m always about a year late to the makeup hype. Deciem’s The Ordinary brand popped up on our Instagram feeds and had everyone noticing, gasping, and practically weeping with joy and excitement. But for some reason it’s taken me until now to bring their Serum Foundation and their Coverage Foundation home to mumma…

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


A few months ago I saw a tweet by a blogger that I follow that really wound me up. I’ve been wanting to write a response to it for ages, but I didn’t know if it would be too obvious, and I certainly didn’t want to @ her publicly. But it was a really shitty tweet, and one that I’ve not been able to completely forget. So, I wanted to respond and give my 2 cents on the matter (or my 10 quid, because I’m having a vent after about 6 months of being pissed off with it).

The tweeter in question is a really lovely girl who lives in the North of England and she writes really great beauty and lifestyle content. I’ve been following her on Insta and Twitter for a good few years now, and while I wouldn’t say we were ‘blogger friends’, but I'm sure that we know of each other and I often comment and like her posts on her various social platforms. I love catching up on her blog, so even though I'm writing this post, it's not an attack. It's just an example of something I see in the blogging community a LOT, and I wanted to give my honest response... 
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