☾ ootd: Mild Autumn Afternoon

fashion 10:54 AM

☯ wishlist: eBay Winter Fashion

ebay 9:58 AM

Breathing Easy - Quitting Smoking

beauty 5:14 PM

christmas inspo: Gifts under £10

beauty 7:26 PM

☾ face of the day: Subtle Daytime Cat-Eye Flick

beauty 11:44 AM

☮ video: American Apparel Haul

fashion 11:29 AM

☾ ootd: Adidas Vintage Jumper & Joni Jeans

fashion 11:25 AM

☼ review: Batiste Dry Shampoo in Floral

beauty 10:52 AM

how to: Get Pastel Hair

beauty 10:48 AM

christmas inspo: Cute Vintage Style Gift Wrap

christmas 1:53 PM

recent purchases: Asos, MAC, eBay

fashion 5:54 PM

☯ wishlist: Christmas!

beauty 5:33 PM


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