Thursday, August 31, 2017


I originally intended to VLOG this new ‘do, but technical difficulties involving a pesky camera charger, combined with a gnarly hangover means that a blog post will have to do! I got a few good pictures, and jotted down a load of information from my lovely hairdresser Katy, so I hope you find this post useful!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017


The irony of this blog post is that I’m writing 'My Summer Morning Routine’ whilst wearing a dressing gown AND a hoodie because it is freezing and bucketing down with rain. It is August. I am annoyed. Where is the sun!?

But even so, summer is here and that means that I’m not setting an alarm for 7am and I’ve got a different routine for my more relaxed mornings. 


Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Not many things bring me as much giddiness than a new foundation. I’ve had my eye on the Too Faced base products for well over a year now. I’ve dabbled in their products, I already own and adore their Boudoir Eyes eyeshadow palette (review HERE) and their best-selling Better Than Sex Mascara (review HERE : can confirm, it is better than sex), and so I’ve been desperate to try more of their stuff. I’ve seen nothing but fabulousness and love for their Born This Way Foundation and Concealer, and so it was top of my birthday Wishlist this year, and the birthday fairy treated me well!

I’ve got no knowledge of any Too Faced counter near me, so I had to guess which shades I’d need. I used the trusty Foundation Matrix to match my shade online, and it turns out it was pretty spot on. I chose the Born This Way Foundation in Porcelain, and the Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer in Very Fair.

For starters, the packaging of the foundation is dreamy. It is expensive looking, and the frosted-glass and sleek black lid make it feel very luxe indeed. The pump is a nice, handy little feature and lately, I’ve had a bit of bother with foundations in tubes and glass bottles with no pumps. The concealer tube matches the foundation, with the ornate golden rim around the lid. The doe-foot applicator is soft and perfectly sized. The lid also clicks slightly to let you know you’ve closed it properly. No leakages for me!

The foundation, in Porcelain, is still quite yellow-toned compared to what I usually go for. Too Faced describes it as having ‘neutral undertones’, but on me, it looks rather beige. However, during the summer months, my skin suits a slightly yellowy foundation as my skin goes a little olive-y when I get a tan. It’s a lovely match and looks very natural. Porcelain is the palest shade that this foundation comes in from Debenhams, so I don’t honestly know if I'm going to get much wear out of it over the winter months as I transform back into my usual corpse-looking self. You can get fairer shades from the U.S website; Swan, Snow and Pearl are all several shades lighter than the ones us UK folk can get here. 

The Too Faced website claims that the foundation is ‘undetectable’, and I’d agree to an extent. The foundation’s finish is unbelievably natural when you apply a thin, even layer. But, it’s one of those wonderful little products than can be built to a full-flawless-glam-not-a-spot-in-sight-goddess-like coverage. It’s wonderfully pigmented and looks like real skin. It’s also really comfortable to wear and tends to last me most of the day (a good setting spray really would help the staying power of this foundation). 

One thing that irks me is that this foundation takes a good few minutes to set. It creases on the eyelids and sides of the nose when you first apply it, so I like to whack it on my face, go and make a cup of tea, and then come back to set it with powder. Then, if it has creased, I can blend it away and set it nicely. 

The Born This Way Concealer in Very Fair is my perfect shade for a concealer. It has slightly rosier tones and is truly pale. I’m quite sparing with concealers at the moment, and luckily I don’t really need them TOO much as my skin is behaving itself spots-wise and I’m getting a good night’s sleep most nights. However, I am using this around my eyes and on my eyelids, just to brighten the area up and to create a perfect base to put my eyeshadows on. 

I did use this to conceal spots a few weeks ago, and it worked wonderfully. It takes a couple of layers to completely cover redness, but it really does mute any angriness and blends the imperfection into the rest of your face wonderfully. When concealing spots, do remember to use a brush instead of the doe-foot applicator itself to stop bacteria getting into the tube! This can cause more spots later on!

I’ve found that both of these babies respond best to a buffing brush, and that once they’re on, they’re on. These are a couple of the best base products for longevity and a natural-looking finish. I love covering my freckles and I do struggle with patchy red areas on my chin and around the nose, and both of these babies work to cover all my insecurities. As someone with oily skin, these are two of the best base products because they don’t go greasy as the day goes on, and I’d completely recommend you try these out if your skin problems sound similar to mine!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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