Tuesday, November 29, 2016


ROMWE has been upping their social media game lately. The little rascals have been popping up on my facebook, instagram and their ads are creeping up on me at every turn. It’s starting to reel me in, despite the videos I’ve seen saying that it’s a scam. I’ve been watching loads of haul videos on YouTube lately, and while some are negative, lots are positive too! As with most online shopping, it’s hard to know what the material will be like, the fit, the comfort, the lengths, etc etc, and so it can always be a bit risky. I’ve always bought a lot of my clothing from China. When I lived in Australia, SOOO many of the clothes stores there were selling pretty playsuits and dresses from China, and I loved them.

With that being said, I think I’m going to give ROMWE a try. Most of their clothing is around £10, and they’ve got a maaaassive range of shoes, bags, accessories and jewellery to go with your new outfit. My wishlist is currently looking a little bit grungey; that God Save The Queen Jacket is so on my radar after spotting similar ones in a vintage market in Spitalfields last week. The jumper looks cosy and casual. Same with the stripey drop-shoulder top. The boots have been making me drool over my laptop a little bit a lot. They’re everything I’ve ever wanted from a boot and I can’t quite believe my boot dreams could possibly be answered by this £30-ish pair.

I don’t tend to spend LOADS on clothes, so this might actually prove to be a bit of an affordable clothing gold mine. Or a complete flop and everything will turn up holey, mouldy and on fire.

Have you ever bought anything from ROMWE? Would you risk it? Let me know!
Lots of love,
Jasmine x


Saturday, November 26, 2016


If there’s one thing I love, it’s a cheeky new face mask. I’ve always had a bit of a collection. Rather a large and unnecessary collection. But, I love the at-home-spa feeling of a hot bubble bath and a good old smear of something on my face. I took myself on a little trip to the LUSH in Stratford a couple of weeks ago, and I bought a new face mask and a toner. I chose Catastrophe Cosmetic, and since it’s all gone now, I thought I’d let you all know how I feel about the cult favourite.

Catastrophe Cosmetic is widely loved and widely raved about by so many bloggers that I read. It is described as ‘calming and moisturising’ on LUSH’s website, which is something my skin really craves during the winter. The staff at LUSH are aaaaalways so lovely, and the girl helped me choose the best mask for my skin needs, and the toner that will compliment it. So, I ended up with the tub of lovely blue goo. LUSH’s masks are all £6.95, which is super duper affordable.

The main ingredients in this mask are blueberry, chamomile and rose. They’re all very soothing. They all smell beautiful. There’s no exfoliant in this mask, which is something I’d usually miss, but because my skin is so dry during the winter months that I didn’t feel like I needed it in there. The mask applies relatively smoothly. I say ‘relatively’; the thing has to be kept in the fridge so it’s a little bit solid at first, and bloody freezing! Of all the wonderful praises I could sing about LUSH’s masks, the one thing that really cheeses me off is the fact that they expire so quickly. I usually keep mine for 3 weeks, by which time they do start smelling a bit funky and it’s time to get rid. However, I never actually get to finish a pot, even though I use the mask every other day.

Catastrophe Cosmetic goes on and feels very moussey on the face. It smells divine, blueberry fills your nostrils and you are submerged into a world of calm and tranquillity. UNTIL, flakes of the drying mask fall into your mug of tea *sad crying face*. (My fault, not LUSH’s). I like to leave this on for about 20-25 minutes and remove it with a damp flannel.

What I really love about this mask is how visibly BRIGHT my skin looked after I removed it. It also reduces redness like an absolute dream. I’m always a bit patchy and blotchy and red on my chin and around my nose, but after removing this mask, my skin was so soothed, and not a blotch in sight. This is a great mask for winter, as it’s so hydrating and calming after having your face bombarded by sub-zero temperatures and windy weather. I’d so recommend this to all my fellow sensitive-skinned ladies. It’s a beautiful mask, and just in case all the other bloggers haven’t swayed you yet, that was my attempt!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


Thursday, November 24, 2016


Winter is without a doubt my favourite time of year, and with it come all sorts of new makeup rules, colours and products to try out. My skin gets a whole lot paler during these chilly months, so I can really embrace deeper lip tones. I used to adore the whole berry-lip trend, but now my favourite deep lip tones are muted and grey-ish based. They’re all still perfect for winter, and I absolutely love the fact that I’ve got these all on permanent rotation now.

Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Embellishment | £6.50
This was the first brand I tried when the whole liquid lipstick thing exploded in all of our faces. I was drawn to the shades because they’re all muted nudey greys and browns, and they’re all so pretty. Embellishment is a mauvey nude, that dries perfectly matte and looks really pretty and understated. It’s a great every-day winter nude lip, with a slight wintery tone to it.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Boss Lady | £11.50
Gerard Cosmetics have swooped into my life and practically shat all over my MAC collection. I feel a bit disloyal but, seriously, the formula and shades that these Hydra Mattes come in are mind blowing. Boss Lady is a deep brown red. It’s super vampy and is so comfortable all day on the lips. I’ve only worn this a couple of times, but it’s a perfect evening colour.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Iced Mocha | £11.50
Iced Mocha has become my favourite lipstick recently. It’s booted MAC’s Velvet Teddy off the top spot, and it’s my new Holy Grail. It’s a beautiful deep greige. I feel that it is sophisticated, quite a mature lip colour for me, but still 100% grungey and suits my personality down to the ground.

MAC Lipstick in Paramount | £15.50
My little sister (she’s not really little, she’s twenty next week) bought this for me for my birthday. My birthday is in Spring, so I’ve not worn this deep brick red shade that much yet. I’ve tried it on a few times, and the shade is so beautiful. I’d describe it as a 90s twist on the classic red. The brick tones make it just that little bit different, and it’s a winter winner for me!

MAC Lipstick in Stone | £15.50
I HATED this lipstick when I first bought it! Then after a few months, I realised that it actually really was lovely, and I’d just not worked out how to balance the true grey tones of it properly. Now I love it, and I’ve been obsessed with it over Autumn. Again, it’s not a typical shade you might think of when choosing a winter lipstick. It’s a little bit different, but so flattering. It’ll match the grey skies and the cloudy weather, if nothing else!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


Monday, November 21, 2016


After a fruitless Christmas shopping expedition, I decided to pop to the Space NK in Canary Wharf ‘just for a look’, and ended up spending a whole lotta dolla on some very unnecessary bits for myself. I’m like a NARS magpie; I’m never not lusting over something by them and I genuinely think they’re one of the best high-end brands out there. My NARS collection is growing steadily, mostly thanks to my generous mummy when it’s my birthday and Christmas. The Sheer Glow foundation has been my ultimate favourite foundation since I first tried it waaay back in 2013, and I never thought anything could match it until I got home with my bag of swag and tried out my new goodies.

I picked up the NARS Pore Refining Primer first of all, which was £26 and looks really really good. I don’t own that many primers, and I usually forget to even put any on when I start doing my makeup, so I reckoned this one might remind me to do it. I’m hoping it’ll help control shine and stop my makeup from sliding around my face after a few hours, especially around my nose!

Then I got colour matched for the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (and it turns out I had the wrong Sheer Glow shade, oops), and I couldn’t believe how light it felt on just the one side of my face. At £32, it’s not exactly cheap and cheerful, but I fell in love immediately. I can really see what all the hype’s been about among bloggers over it, and I’m sort of kicking myself that I didn’t run screaming, hurling my money around, to a store to buy it when it was first released.

As always with NARS’s products, I’ve got very high hopes for these couple of newbies. The price tag is always off-putting at first, but there’s still never been a NARS product that I’ve bought and haven’t liked. I’ll do full reviews on each of these products after I’ve had a good go with them, so look out for those! As for now, I’m going to try to work out how I’m going to buy my family and Christmas presents with a bank balance of £6.84…

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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