Monday, October 31, 2016


This is just a super snappy, ultra quick post to share with you what I’ve recently picked up from one of the loveliest shops around; LUSH! I’m a massive LUSH fan, the products are all vegan, the packaging is always recycled, and the store interiors are always instagram-worthy. I’m a bit of a skincare addict and, while I have dabbled in LUSH haircare and body creams, I always find myself coming back to their skincare. It never ever disappoints, and I’m trying to work my way through their entire face mask range. So far, I’ve tried Cupcake (loved it, even if it was a little harsh) and BB Seaweed (which was a little bit meh, and also harsh). I had originally only intended on picking up a new face mask, but then I got sidetracked by the toner water too. Oh well!

The lovely girl in LUSH recommended Catastrophe Cosmetic to me, as I explained to her my skin worries. I’ve got quite sensitive skin, oily in my t-zone and I get really big, really sore spots every now and again. She said that the ingredients in Catastrophe Cosmetic would work really well for my skin, as it isn’t an exfoliant, and the various bits and bobs in the mask work to reduce redness and mattify the skin. LUSH’s website says it is: “a calming and moisturising fresh face mask packed with blueberries, calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils to soothe and soften the skin. We use wholesome blueberries as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, including the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E that help to protect the skin from damage.”

I’d also been eyeing up the toning waters online for a while, so asked a little bit about them. Again, I wanted something gently cleansing, something that smelt like angels, and that wouldn’t cause my face to question my actions and turn bright red in retaliation. The lovely sales assistant pointed me in the direction of Eau Roma Water, which comes in this spritzy bottle. It’s not one I’d seen before, but she said it was gentle and that she’s used it religiously for ages now. LUSH says Eau Roma Water is: “an elegant formula that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Rose water will help to calm and reduce redness, whilst lavender water will balance and soften the skin. This was created as a way to hydrate and soothe the skin both gently and effectively.” As far as I can tell, it smells, well, lush.

What have you been eyeing up at LUSH lately? What should I be trying next?

Lots of love,

Jasmine x


Friday, October 28, 2016


Hi, I’m Jasmine and I have absolutely no grasp of the concept ‘student budget’. Lately this is how I’ve started virtually every blog post, but hey, if I can survive on beans on toast for a week (which I’ve tried, and I CAN), then why shouldn’t I buy myself unnecessary pretty things? I recently splashed a bit of cash on the ZOEVA Rose Gold Palette which, at £18, isn’t the most bank balance-crippling item ever, but certainly dented my weekly food budget. C’est la vie! It’s BEAUTIFUL, and even though I’m reluctant to post a picture on my instagram because it’ll ruin my theme, I still think that it is a total golden babe.

I’ve fallen in love with the whole rose gold thing. Even though I’m super duper late to the party, I’m committing to it. I’ve already invested in ZOEVA’s Rose Gold Brush set and I adore it. We should all just accept that ZOEVA is the reigning queen of rose gold. This palette was released in a bundle of three new ones, more recently than their usual eyeshadow palettes, and they seem to have been met with incredible reception from the bloggersphere. There’s a Mixed Metals one, A Cocoa Blends one (which I may or may not have on the way in the post) and this Rose Golden one.

Aside from the garish, instagram theme-ruining orange packaging which I really really hate, the shades inside have not disappointed me. It’s exactly the kind of high pigmented quality I have come to expect from ZOEVA’s cosmetics range. The shades are a mixture of mattes and shimmery shades, and can all be mixed and matched together to create some super beautiful makeup looks. My favourite two shades are Just a Rose and Shining Bright, because they’re probably the most true rose-gold toned shadows, which are usually hard to find. All of the shades are easy to blend and seem to really suit my skintone.

I seem to think that this may be a palette that’s better suited to spring time. I’m actually amazing at buying things at completely the wrong time of year. Nevertheless, I’ve been wearing this a lot. I love blending the gold tones with burgundy eyeshadows for autumn/fall looks and it is, in general, a reeeally lovely palette to have added to my collection.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I absolutely adore putting my time into creating YouTube videos, and even though my videos aren’t nearly as popular as my blog seems to be, I’m hoping that eventually I can reach more people through my YouTube channel too!
I wanted to quickly update you on the latest videos on my channel;

A HUGE Boohoo Haul with Try Ons – I loved shopping for these bits and trying them all on for the first time on camera. It was knackering but I ended up with some gorgeous new pieces that I’ve been loving the past month.

My MAC Lipstick Collection + Lookbook – My lips were SO sore after this, but this was really fun to film too. It’s hilarious trying out the lipsticks I bought when I was 15/16 and had no idea about anything and therefore make me look like I’m in costume or something.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lip Swatches + Review – I’ve been very cruel to my student loan lately and have been buying new bits and bobs from Gerard Cosmetics. Their liquid lipsticks are to DIE for, and this video lets you see how they look in action.

Everyday Grunge Autumn/Fall Makeup – I’m definitely one to embrace the grungey side of fashion and beauty. I love smokey eyes and neutral lips, I also LOVE blaming the fact I’ve not brushed my hair for ages on ‘style’. I’m super happy with how this makeup turned out though, so if you like the look, have a watch and let me know what you think!

As always, I hope you enjoy these videos, and if you wanted to subscribe to my channel, it would make my day. Leave me a comment letting me know if you had a watch!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Although I don’t really lose my wits over buying new blushers, whenever I DO remember to pick up a new one, I fall in love and wonder how I possibly survived up until that point without it. My newest addition to my ever-growing make-up hoarder paradise is MAC’s Blushbaby. I’m so excited because not only is it beautiful and new, it’s also my first proper MAC blush.

I say ‘proper’ because the first one I bought was back in the day where I thought I could pull off the same makeup looks as someone with a good fake tan on. My first MAC blush was Melba, a vibrant, warm coral shade which did absolutely nothing for me (except maybe make me look like I was auditioning as a Dame for a pantomime or something). I threw it swiftly into my makeup drawer and forgot it ever existed. Over the past couple of years, I’ve grown much more into my own skin and I take makeup inspiration from girls with similar skintones, so I don’t end up looking hilarious again. I find that more delicate, petal-toned hues suit me much more, which is why I finally settled on MAC’s Blushbaby blush.

I usually don’t have many positive things to say about MAC staff (normally because I rock up after university looking like an addict and they judge me), but the girl who helped me choose this blush was lovely. I told her that I wanted something peachy, dusty and natural looking, and she chose Blushbaby. It delivers on every aspect of what I was after. Obviously MAC’s blushes are such a high standard of quality; blendable, pigmented and comfortable, and this one is no exception. It’s a beautiful neutral shade and works beautifully with my paler complexion in the cooler months. This one is a sheer-tone blush, meaning that is goes on in a much more fine way and gives a translucent finish. It’s really pretty and ever-so natural.

At £18.50, this blush is reasonably affordable compared to other MAC prices, but still a little bit eye-watering. It’s so beautiful, though, and has become my go-to blush. Given that it’s a sheer-tone, you do need to use quite a bit to give more colour definition, so I’m trying to be as sparing as possible so I don’t use it too quickly! Even so, I’m beyond happy with my new everyday blush, and MAC has only gone and delivered the fabulousness AGAIN.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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