Monday, February 29, 2016

An Afternoon In Bristol

My lovely boyfriend Chris (who a lot of you will recognise from my Instagram!) came to stay with me in Bristol for a couple of nights last week. The first night we celebrated a late Valentine’s Day, and I cooked steak and then we went out for some cocktails. The next day we spent pretty much recovering under the covers, watching Disney films, and I was brought carbonara in bed because I started to get a horrible cold. On the last day, we filmed a couple of YouTube videos together (click here to watch!) and then we went out exploring the city together. Even though I live in Bristol, I don’t tend to stray from my usual my-flat-to-sainsburys-and-back or my-flat-to-uni-and-back routine!

We found the markets, which are a cute little collection of cake stands, vintage clothing, record stores, old school sweet shops and world food stands. There are fairy lights up, street art on the walls, and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy a coffee or a hot chocolate. We also walked along the river, stopping for a few cheesy pictures, and ended up at Starbucks where Chris treated me to their new Pistachio & Rose latte, which sounds weird but tastes really really oddly good. If you like sweet and floral, this one’s a winner! Then we came back to my flat and cooked sticky soy and garlic chicken, had a quick cuddle and rushed off to get Chris on his coach home. Much sad face!

It’s really hard being in a long distance relationship. On the one hand, you get to have your personal space and time to do whatever you want to do, but on the other hand (in my case anyway) you feel a little bit lost and empty, and feel like everything you do would be better shared with your partner. We’re making a huge step this summer and moving in together, and I’m so excited. I’m really proud of the fact that we’ve managed to do a whole year long distance, though! It has meant that all our time so far has been quality time, and we look forward to seeing each other so much and make the effort to make our time together special.

I hope you enjoyed the ‘different’ style of post today! I had so much fun taking pictures for you guys. Let me know what you thought in the comments, and if you’d like to see more like this, let me know!

Lots of love,

Jasmine x


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Instagram Diary | February 2016

One of my favourite things to do at the end of the month is look at all my instagram pictures! I put a whole load of pictures up, and I keep my instagram personal (not just beauty related) so we can all feel like we’re friends and I get to share some of my life with you guys! This month, I dyed my hair pink, so the pictures have a very pretty pink theme! Here are some of my highlights from the month!

Dying my hair pink! –  This was the first time I’d ever been contacted by a big brand to feature one of their products on my blog! I’m sure most people will have heard of Crazy Color, so when they emailed me to ask whether I’d like to sample Candyfloss, I jumped at the chance! I wrote a blog post all about it, and then went on to make a YouTube video about how I achieve my pastel hair. I love being pink; I love that it is unusual and princess. I’m definitely glad to be back to my usual pale blonde/silver now, though, because it means I can wear more and do more versatile makeup.

Spending time with my boyfriend Chris – I’ve been up to London twice in February and Chris and I always make the most of our time together. The first time, we went to Camden to look around the vintage markets and have some shisha. The second time, we lounged around and binge-watched Making A Murderer! We celebrated our 11 months in February, which means next month is the big anniversary!

Blogging, blogging, and more blogging – I’ve really been getting stuck into blogging again. I find that my commitment and motivation comes in waves, but February has been a great month for planning, writing, taking pictures and filming videos! I love it when I can feel myself growing; I’ve gained lots more Bloglovin and Twitter followers over the course of the past month, so I definitely feel like my effort is paying off, which makes me want to do more!

Hanging with friends and exploring Bristol! – In February I spent quite a few evenings with friends and exploring my city. We’ve been for drinks on boats, listened to some live music, been shopping, gone for coffee, discovered new places to hang out, and walked through the park on freezing, windy days. It’s been lovely, and I’ve got a new appreciation for Bristol, and have so much more of an idea on what it has to offer now!

Clean eating – For those of you who read my blog regularly, you’ll know that since Christmas I’ve been on a mostly vegetarian diet as a way of controlling my fat intake. I’m so much more creative in the kitchen, and low calorie meals are becoming something I’m getting better and better at! It’s not about losing weight; I refuse to weigh myself, but it’s about looking in the mirror naked and liking what I see, which I’m definitely doing a lot more of lately!

What have you enjoyed doing in February? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jasmine x


Friday, February 26, 2016

Who Knows Who Game With My Boyfriend! | Jasmine McRae


My Favourite Previous Posts!

Hows about a trip down memory lane? Over the past few months, my blogging and YouTubing has become a bigger and better part of my life. It’s beginning to really be a part of my daily life, and I’ve actually seen a huge growth in the number of readers and watchers! It’s so exciting to think that so many of you guys actually watch me putting makeup on, and read my silly ramblings on the internet, but I’m so grateful for each and every one of you, and it makes me feel so happy to have made so many friends online. I thought I’d share my favourite blog posts from recently-ish! There’s a range of fashion, beauty and skincare here, so I hope you all find something you enjoy!

"It’s not very often these days that I get to treat myself to a new foundation. On a student budget, even drugstore foundations seem a bit steep. So, when my mum sent me a voucher, I knew immediately what I wanted to splurge on. High end foundations are the rarest of the rare of luxuries for me, with my only other...."

"One of my most popular posts was my ‘My Triangl Bikini Arrived!’, and I’ve been almost bombarded with questions on things that I forgot to mention. In all my excitement I simply covered the very basics so I thought I’d do an updated review! I’ve had my Triangl Bikini for..."

"Dry hair? Brittle ends? I know I sound like an advert, but I’m seriously excited to be reviewing my favourite hair product of the year so far. Milk_shake’s Integrity Hair Treatment is getting reviewed today, and my goodness..."

"I’m genuinely having kittens over this eyeshadow palette by Zoeva. Ever since investing in their Vegan brush set earlier in 2015, I had my eye on their cosmetics range and was constantly stumbling upon great reviews of them. Eyeshadow palettes are one of my guilty pleasures..."

"Few things make me happier than face products. I’m so much more of a ‘lose my mind over a concealer’ girl than a ‘freaking out about a new lipstick’ girl. Face products have the power to make you completely and utterly flawless, hide your blemishes...."

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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