Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Video - GRWM University!


Babescrub Order!

I’m excited to have ordered the BabeScrub range today! I got all three scrubs so I’m going to try out each and update you on the progress. I’m going to talk about the smells, textures, effectiveness, how long it lasts, storage, ingredients and basically anything and everything you could ever wish to know about the amazing new range of scrubs! I was inspired to buy mine after two of my all time fave YouTubers/bloggers posted Instagram pictures of theirs! I absolutely love body scrubs. I loved the Soap & Glory Scrubs, and I had planned to buy the Frank Body Scrub, but I was drawn to BabeScrub because of their specializations and specific problems their scrubs target! My order should be here within 10 days, so look out for review posts and an accompanying video. Yaaaaaaay excited!


February Favourites Video!

Hey Guys! Just uploaded this video to my YouTube channel. It’s got all my favourites from the month of February and includes Aussie Miracle haircare, skincare by Biore, NARS blush in Deepthroat and Sigma Beauty Products. Hope you enjoy!


Clothing Haul!

Nothing better than an impromptu haul! I went out yesterday not knowing I was even going to buy anything! I ended up with a whole bunch of really amazingly lovely stuff that I’m so so excited about. I was at Westfield in Knox with my mum, just having a casual browse, really, when I decided I had to ambush my savings account and transfer some money so I could buy some things! I put the full haul in a video for my YouTube Channel (watch that here), but took separate pictures of my top favourite items to speak more in-depth about them. My boyfriend wouldn’t listen to me harp on, but hopefully you guys will!

1.     Laser Cut Out Ponte Top -- Dotti $29.95 | Link
So incredibly girly, feminine, cute, elegant and tasteful. This top is absolutely beautiful and I immediately fell in love with it when it caught my eye from across the store. Dotti has really really rreeeaaallyy grown on me the past few months. They have some really beautiful stuff coming in. This top in particular has a pretty cut out floral-ish pattern at the bottom, just above a gorgeous scalloped hem. It is slightly cropped, and has really cute capped sleeves, which I have been adoring over summer this year. I was always a bit put off Dotti because of their prices, but it isn’t something I’m too worried about now. I guess this top is one I can re-wear and re-wear and it’s not going to be ‘out of fashion’ in a few months. It is pretty timeless in my opinion, and I can easily layer it for the winter.
2.     Black Jelly Sandals -- Rubi Shoes $15 | Link
Rubi never ceases to impress me with their affordable and bang on trend footwear styles. Yesterday they had me agonizing over lily sandals, wedges and cute slip on flats. I decided I’d get jellies because I see girls in them all the time, and they seem comfortable and easy. I’m a big fan of mine already. They’re definitely comfortable; I was worried about blisters forming but they never came! They’re pretty sweaty but it’s no big deal, because no one can tell and they look really cute and casual. Awesome with jeans or shorts. Love them!
3.     'Fleet' Stiletto Heels -- Spendless Shoes $49.95 | Link
I thought it was about time I get some elegant stiletto heels that I’d been craving after I saw two of my favourite YouTubers, Karissa Pukas(Link) and Lauren Curtis (Link), wearing similar style heels. They’re beautiful and glamorous but still pretty comfy, and you feel secure being so close to the floor, not teetering around on great platforms. They’re quite basic, too, meaning you can dress them up or down, and wear them with many colours, prints and styles. These particular shoes came in black and then white and nude, arghhhh, why so beautiful??! I absolutely love Spendless Shoes; I find their products really well made and affordable. I wholeheartedly recommend them, plus their staff is usually really friendly and helpful!
4.     The Pastel Coat -- Dotti $129.95 | Link
Oh. My. Lord. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate what I am SURE is my favourite fashion item of the YEAR. Have you ever seen such a beautiful coat?? I’m absolutely smitten with it, and I find myself trying it on throughout the day just to look at it in the mirror. Oh dear. I saw this in Dotti and had to have it, despite the large-ish pricetag. It’s a pretty neutral pastel colour, (pink, my favourite) so I’ll be able to pair it with denim, tan, black or grey pants or leggings through the winter. I also thought it looked really sexy as an evening jacket for dinner dates or evening functions as it shows the legs off, but still looks classic and demure. It is the perfect length, the most flattering cut, and is really warm and comfortable. It’s got pockets which are pretty deep, and the sleeves come down nicely so they’ll keep your hands warm during the winter months. Honestly I have never loved a coat so much, and I don’t think I could even love a human child as much as I love this coat. Just kidding. (I’m not kidding).

So those are my top picks from my haul yesterday. Check out the video on my YouTube Channel below to see the other stuff I picked up; there’s makeup, jewellery and some other clothing items.

What is your top fashion item of the year so far?


Monday, February 24, 2014

Sigma Brow Powder Duo Light | Review and Swatches

As I have recently become a brow fiend, my brow products collection keeps growing and growing. I am constantly keeping my eyes open for the best rated and most loved brow products and I’m pleased to say that I am in love, completely and utterly, with Sigma’s Brow Powder Duo in Light. I like to tint my brows, because I bleach my hair blonde and I’m not always fond of those dark eyebrows. Sometimes I leave my brows dark though, usually when my regrowth is coming back because it looks natural and I feel I can get away with it. The Sigma Brow Powder Duo in Light gives the two perfect shades for both these occasions; the lighter powder looks lovely and natural on my tinted brows, and the darker powder is perfect for my natural brows.

The powder comes in a beautiful little compact with Sigma’s logo on the front in holographic film. It’s a great size, easy to store and closes with a clip that feels very secure, so go crazy throwing it in the bottom of your handbag. I use the product on my Sigma small angle E65 brush, and gently sweep the powder through the thicker areas of my brows. Then, without taking any more product, I shade the inner part of my brows so it doesn’t look too obvious and unnaturally dark. This is my first ever Sigma actual makeup product; I own lots of their brushes but I decided to branch out and use some of their makeup because I’ve heard good things.

The powders are a wonderful ashy, taupy, natural colour. They apply smoothly, are really easy to blend out through the brows and last a really long time. I set the powder using a brow gel, which definitely seems to improve the longevity of the powders. I love the natural tone of my brows when I use this powder; it seems way more natural than other powders I have used. As you can see by the swatches, the colours are buildable and can be opaque if that’s your thing. I got this brow powder for $14USD, and I’m happy with how long it has lasted so far and I love the results! I’d definitely recommend this powder for my fellow brow fiends, but of course I’ll be looking for many more in the future.


MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Review

Today’s review is a product many MAC lovers will be more than well acquainted with. It is of course, arguably one of the best best primers in the whole wide world, MAC Prep + Prime Skin. This wonderful primer came into my life after I tried and failed to perfect my base using drugstore primers. I’m not saying all drugstore primers are junk, just none of them seemed to be incredible at mattifying, smoothing and preparing my face for flawless foundation application. Plus, for the price of a drugstore primer, one can’t expect flawless results. In my opinion it is absolutely worth investing in a proper primer. They are a necessity for me if I want a longwearing, quality looking full face for more than a few hours.

This primer comes in a 30ml pump, the same as most foundation quantities (perfect!) and I absolutely love the sleek black cylinder packaging. It’s smallish and fits in my travel makeup bag nicely. When dispensed, the primer is a thick-ish white product and it spreads around really nicely. It’s actually kind of moussey; very light and spreadable, but doesn’t feel oily or greasy at all. This primer doesn’t have a noticeable smell, which is good for those among us who are put off by those intense chemical-ly smells of beauty products. I usually apply this onto my face using my fingers because that warms the product and allows it to spread well, however, I sometimes like to unleash my inner technical makeup artist and use a buffing brush, then use the same buffing brush for my foundation because it blends it all up together and makes the foundation really sink into the skin, giving a pretty natural effect. I find that my fingers work really well too though, and, well, it’s easier.

Once it is applied, my skin is instantly really smoothed over because of the silicone in the product which fills in pores and almost resurfaces your face. My skin feels like it is all the same texture, and seems like it has a light sheen of velvet over the top. It becomes the perfect base for then applying foundation and concealer. The formula also works to soothe away any redness, which is great for me because I do tend to have quite red skin around my nose and especially on my chin where I get spots (I curse you hormones!!). My foundation goes on over the top beautifully after this and sits there quite happily for hours and hours. This primer truly increases the longevity of my face, which is exactly what you want if you’ve spent an hour or so making your face beautiful! This primer is one of my top primers ever, and I’m a firm believer of ‘you get what you pay for’, so I’d definitely recommend purchasing a higher end primer to get those perfect, flawless results. I love this primer!


Ralph Lauren Romance | Summer Blossom Fragrance Review

I don’t find anything quite as romantic as an unexpected gift, even a handwritten note or an unexpected takeaway latte will sweep me off my feet! So, when my boyfriend presented me with this giftwrapped box from David Jones, obviously my heart absolutely melted! I’m in love with anything pink, floral and gorgeous smelling, so this wonderful gift was perfect and I have loved it ever since.

Ralph says that “Romance is in the air with Ralph Lauren Summer Blossom, a magnificent, fresh fruit-floral scent that embodies a playful air of sunshine and romance.” I’d agree on the floral fresh scent, but I don’t personally detect any fruity scents. My nose isn’t well trained in the field of perfumes, but some fragrances are really able to leap out at me and those are the ones I like better to be honest! I like really obvious scents, like rose or grapefruit. It is those unmistakable scents that really draw me into a fragrance. Having said this, Summer Blossom is definitely a lively and spirited, but primarily floral scent. (a brilliant website if you’re looking for your perfect scent) says that Summer Blossom’s primary scents are white floral, tropical, fruity, coconut, citrus and animalic. Whatever the combination of fragrances, this perfume blends up to create a very clean (emphasis on the clean (sometimes I think it smells soapy, not in a bad way!)) smelling perfume.

I prefer to wear this when I’m feeling extra pretty and girly. It’s not one I slap on for day to day errands; I like to add it when I’m dressed and made up because it makes me feel put together and flirty and happy! It is perfect for dates or dinners, and I’ve worn it out shopping at Chadstone a couple of times. With it being limited edition (booo, hisss) I’m trying to be sparing with it, because I know once it’s gone, it’s gone! This is proving to be quite difficult because this perfume is extreeeemely light and tends to fade quickly over a few hours, making re-application necessary. So far, I’ve used about 1/8 and I’m looking forward to dousing myself in it more and more. This perfume has made me more interested in Ralph Lauren scents so I’d be open to finding a different one from their range to replace this one when I’ve drained it all!

Overall, I’m very happy with this fragrance and I love wearing it on more special occasions. I’m not sure if you can still find this anywhere, given that it was/is limited edition. I’m also not entirely sure how much this was bought for given that it was a gift! Sorry to be a bit useless in this department, but I can confirm that it is a very fresh and beautiful fragrance that feels really uplifting. Love it!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

NARS Deep Throat Blush Review

Well I certainly am glad that the women in Mecca Cosmetica are used to the names of NARS’s naughty blushes, unlike my mum, boyfriend and sister who all seemed, embarrassed, amused and horrified when I told them what I’d bought yesterday. I’ve been after Deep Throat for a long long while because I’ve been searching for that perfect peachy blush. I’m pleased to say I’m pretty sure I have actually found my holy grail peachy pink blush! I am truly in love. NARS calls it a ‘flirty, sheer peach’, and peachy it is indeed. It’s quite a warm shade of blusher, and contains microglitter which gives your skin a dewy shimmery glow. I am obsessed and in love! The shade is quite a pastel pink, which ends up being quite sheer on the skin once applied. Of course, the colour can be built up like with all NARs products.

The texture of this blush, as many NARS fans will already know and love, is super smooth and the product is a fine, thin powder which makes it so effortlessly blendable. With such velvety powder, the colour is quite intense when swatched. This blush was $45 in Mecca Cosmetica, which is where I usually get all of my blushes from. I’d say it was relatively high-end and therefore pretty expensive, but it’s an investment and will end up being one of your most wearable daytime shades of blush. I find it to instantly warm my complexion with a rose tinted peachy glow, and is just slightly less pink and less shimmery than NARS’s all time best, Orgasm. I actually like Deep Throat more than Orgasm in terms of wearability and colour! Call me crazy but I find the peach tone much more my ‘thing’ and I believe I’ll just pick it up naturally more than any other blushes I own.

This is a blush I can see myself reaching for absolutely all year round. In winter it will warm up my naturally pale complexion and for the summer it will compliment my slightly more tanned skin, plus in the summer the shimmer will add that dewy sunkissed glow that I am in love with. This blush can also be so subtle it won’t draw attention away from the rest of your makeup look if you choose to apply it that way. It’s a wonderful everyday blush and I’m sure I’ll get loads of wear out of it. I love this blush so much! It is my holy grail peach blush.


Wishlist #3

1.     Red Cherry Lashes #16 $4.50 eBay
My absolute favourite style of lashes, you see how this style is kind of spikey? It gives the lashes a wonderfully sexy flick out at the edges and adds volume but not too dramatic. Lush and amazing and so cheap.
2.     Dogtooth Jumper $17 eBay
I’m loving dogtooth recently, and I’m pretty sure I included this in a previous post. I’m still in love with this jumper and I’m excited to get it. It looks like it would be really warm and is a classier twist on the typical jersey. Love it!
3.     Destroyed Jeans $58 eBay
I’ve been looking at these jeans for a while and I’m pretty sure I’d love them. Jeans are always completely flattering, you simply can’t go wrong. These destroyed and acid washed ones are beautifully edgy and grungy, but still wearable and I’m sure you could dress them up with heels.
4.     You Can’t Sit With Us Tee $20 eBay
I saw another beauty blogger with this tee, and I realised that I barely ever wear Tshirts anymore! I used to have loads, but now I don’t and I don’t know why. They’re really effortless and casual, and these slogan tees are big recently. There’s loads to choose from, I’ve seen ‘Royals’, ‘Celfie’ and other cool slogans I’d wear.
5.     Lava Platform Heels $139.99 Windsor Smith
Unfortunately these babies are sold out, so I couldn’t order them! Arghh, look how perfect and gorgeous these shoes are. I’m in love with white shoes, they scream summer and make you look so tan. Platforms are also brilliant because they’re not hard to walk in. They give you lots of height without the ankle breaking meter high heel!
6.     Lime Crime Babette $21 Pagan Marie NZ
I have Coquette, and it is lovely, but sometimes I long for a peachier pinker nude lipstick. Babette is described by Lime Crime as ‘Coquette’s pinker cousin’, and as a huge fan of the lipstick’s creamy opaquey goodness, I’d definitely invest in more of these lippies in other colours.
7.     Leaf Gold Earrings $6 Kmart
I’m a massive fan of Kmart jewellery, even though it is cheap. I’m sure it isn’t the best quality materials but I only wear jewellery a small amount of the time, so I reckon it’s fine to have earrings in for a few hours at a time. I saw this pair in Kmart this morning and thought they were gorgeous and summery and boho.
8.     Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded $12 Priceline
I’ve been eyeing these up for a while and really want a couple. I chose ‘Barely Branded’ because it’s perfect as a metallic base for other eyeshadows, and is comparable to Urban Decay’s Sin Primer potion. These are longwearing, shimmering and really affordable.
9.     Prada Mini Saffiano Leather Dome Bag $450 ModaQueen
It is the perfect white handbag, don’t you think? Miniature things are beautiful and so cute. This is a great size bag for day to day use, and it is just beyond glamorous with the white and gold detailing. I am 100% in love obviously because it is Prada and wonderful and amazing.
10.  Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream $13 Caltex

Mmmmmmmmm. Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Fudge Brownies & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. No more needs to be said.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Ultimate Fave Online Fashion Stores!!

Boohoo is great because it doesn’t seem hugely inflated despite it coming from the UK. Usually, items from the UK seem extremely expensive! But Boohoo throws in free shipping which is brilliant. My favourite pieces from them is usually their shoes and knitwear. They are great for winter fashion being a UK brand. Love love love Boohoo!

Another UK site (being English I like to stick with my fashion roots). I went crazy in Newlook when I was last in England. Their stuff is really girly and feminine and affordable. Their underwear sets are to die for, and I really love their jeans. The coats and jackets are also pretty good, and their socks never fail to seduce me!

I really love Sabo Skirt for their summer fashion, like their playsuits and dresses which are lovely. They also have a nice range of summer coverups and light knitwear. This site is like a haven for summery, vibrant colourful pieces of clothing. Most of their stuff is lacy and breathable and they also do showstopping clubbing clothes. Sabo Skirt is reasonably priced; it isn’t the cheapest but it certainly isn’t too expensive.

Ahhh, the ultimate playsuit destination. Ever since I found this website I was completely obsessed and it has continued to fuel my playsuit addiction for months now! Their range is amazing and they add new stuff so regularly. They are also great for clubwear, and are currently building up a knitwear section which so far looks pretty promising! I’m in love with Dolly Girl, I’ll always buy their stuff because it’s always so flattering and sexy!

My no.1 online site ever! Missguided is another UK based site which has such a brilliant range of clothing. Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear to be who you want to be that day? Missguided has a really beautiful range of styles, and I’m building a diverse wardrobe which allows me to be grungy one day, feminine the next, and boho the day after! Their new arrivals continue to impress me, and their prices are really reasonable. I did a small haul with some items from Missguided I got recently, and I’ve got more clothes on the way! Oops. Obsession? Definitely. I love Missguided!


My Dream Spa Treatments

Body wraps, facials, scalp massages, manicures…the list goes on and on of what would describe my perfect spa treatments. It’s weird, I am not overly fussed about massages (maybe that’s because I’ve never had a good one) and I usually lean toward the muddy steamy moisturising side of things. Anyway, these are my ultimate dream spa treatments!

Mala Mapi Mud and Steam Treatment at the Peninsula Hot Springs Melbourne | Link
Unwind, invigorate and celebrate with this complete rejuvenation experience. Begin with a full body aromatic oil and desert salt exfoliation, then calm and revitalise the spirit while cocooned in a warm mapi body mud mask to cleanse and enliven the skin before surrendering to an Australian Aboriginal-inspired paudi scalp massage. A mud treatment with the added benefit of steam infusion. Duration: 60 minutes

Citrus C Facial at Norbu Day Spa Chapel St. | Link
Oily to normal skins but can be customised for dry skin.
Purify and clarify your skin with the clean freshness of lime and green tea. Gentle granular and AHA exfoliation readies skin for sweet pink grapefruit and kaolin clay masque to draw out impurities and banish blemishes. Finish with a Vitamin C rich grapefruit and peppermint gel to give light oil-free hydration. Skin will be left balanced, clear and beautiful. 60mins

Coffee and Sea Kelp Contour Wrap at Calma Medispa in Armadale | Link
Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, caffeine and sea kelp increase cellular metabolism and detoxification. Fine ground pumice and organic coffee grounds gently exfoliate the skin while grapefruit and vanilla uplift the senses, cocooned in soft cloth your skin will be invigorated. A restorative face and scalp massage with customised elixir to your individual needs leaves mind calmed and skin balanced. Followed with a specific body contour hydration with therapeutic properties to smooth the appearance of the skin in contour challenged areas. 1 hr 30 mins

‘Smooth’ Body Treatment at Endota Spa Melbourne | Link
+ billabong footbath
+ sugar body scrub
+ lilly pilly all-body moisturising
1h 15mins

CLASSIC RELAXATION Massage at Crown’s ISIKA Spa | Link
Soothe away unwanted tension! Our full body Swedish style spa massage, offers a gentle intensity designed to increase circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, and promote relaxation. A classic massage as popular as it is effective. 60 minutes

PERFECTING PLANT PEEL: An intensive deep facial exfoliation at Crown’s ISIKA Spa | Link

Harnessing unique botanical ingredients to give you an intensive deep exfoliation – an alternative to harsh glycolic peels that can make the skin red and light sensitive. Aveda’s Perfecting Peel will provide the skin with 40% exfoliation – equivalent results to that of 30% glycolic peel, leaving your skin incredibly smooth, soft and supple with improved skin clarity. 30 minutes 

What's your ideal spa treatment?

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