Monday, November 11, 2013

Triangl Swimwear

So this is my latest obsession! Triangl Swimwear.
What first attracted me to this swimwear was the fact that one of my favourite YouTubers Lauren Curtis posted a picture of her new bikini from Triangl. As well as this, a friend from work told me that she was in love with her new pair.

I jumped on their instagram and saw loads of pictures of tanned girls with perfect bodies and huge boobs, which did dishearten me at first. I never usually go for triangle shaped bikini tops due to me having A cup boobs, so I was worried about whether I'd get any push up from the top. My friend reassured me though, and told me that her bikini gave her a good amount of lift and extra volume.

I chose the 'Chloe' bikini style in 'California Coral'. I decided to get an xs top and an s bottom, because my hips are pretty wide and my boobs are pretty insubstantial. The website offers a sizing chart so you can quite easily measure your sizes.

I ordered mine on Tuesday last week and so far, it's been shipped and is almost out for delivery. I'm really excited to get it! I'll review the bikini when it arrives, with pictures!

DISCLAIMER: these pictures were obtained from the Triangl Swimwear website: 

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