Wednesday, August 9, 2017


The irony of this blog post is that I’m writing 'My Summer Morning Routine’ whilst wearing a dressing gown AND a hoodie because it is freezing and bucketing down with rain. It is August. I am annoyed. Where is the sun!?

But even so, summer is here and that means that I’m not setting an alarm for 7am and I’ve got a different routine for my more relaxed mornings. 

I usually work the evening shifts at the pub, and is I have plenty of time in the morning to settle into the day. I wanted to share my current, lazy, chilled out summer morning routine with you, so here it is!

Lie ins
At the risk of sounding like the laziest individual on the face of planet earth, at the moment, I’m never awake until about 10:30. I work at the pub until midnight, then usually stay for a drink afterwards, so I’m getting in quite late and sleeping in. I don’t mind it at all, although I do feel a bit guilty for wasting the day sometimes. So, I sleep in, I don’t have to set an alarm which is luuuurvley, and at about 11 I’ll flop out of bed into my slippers and start sorting my shambles of a life out.

Green Tea
I have been well into my green tea this summer. I’m TRYING to swap my usual builders tea for something a little bit gentler, healthier and more detoxifying. I think it’s definitely time to give up on Operation summer body 2017, given it is August and I’ve actually ended up heavier than I was when I started (I blame all the rosé wine). I’ve been really enjoying a more natural start to the day though. Twinings Green Tea is really good, and sometimes I chuck a slice of lemon in and sometimes I don’t. I’m quite lucky to not be repulsed by the taste of green tea like I know lots of people are. Unfortunately, it hasn’t shrunk me down to the size of a Victoria’s Secret model like i’d hoped it would. 

Morning Skincare
My usual skincare routine is my absolute faaaaaave; Liz Earle’s range has absolutely transformed my skin and it’s never looked or felt better. I reviewed the 3-step system in depth here (link), so I won't waffle on for too long. All I do is use the Hot Cloth cleanser, follow it with the toner and finish up with the moisturiser and my skin feels beautifully smooth and clean all day. 

A lil bit of reading
This isn't every morning, but it’s certainly been much more frequent over the last couple of months. I’ve bought the first Game Of Thrones book which I’ve started reading, and reordered a copy of my all-time fave Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov to keep on my bedside table. I’ll usually wash my face while I wait for my tea to cool down a bit, then get back in bed and take an hour or so to read. I absolutely love the Game Of Thrones book, but since the new season is out at the moment, I’m taking a break from it. Lolita is always fantastic and I’ve loved it for years; I’d recommend it if you haven't read it already!

Blogging, checking YouTube and Social Media
Then I’ll have a little look at my blog, reply to any comments and do any little bits of housekeeping on my Insta, Youtube and Twitter. Sometimes I’ll add to my list of YouTube video and blog post ideas list so I can plan for the week ahead. I also try to take some blog photos if the weather permits. I tried this morning but it is literally DARK inside my flat and it was all far too frustrating. I catch up with my YouTube subscriptions daily and make sure I’ve checked all my favourite blogs for new posts. I’ve been really into VLOGs lately - I love nosing at what people are getting up to this summer, especially what people are eating because I'm bloody obsessed with food. But as always, the reviews of all the new beauty products and makeup tutorials are top of my priorities list!

So there’s my little summer morning routine for you! I’m looking forward to going back to uni so I can get a more productive routine going, but I'm going to miss my lazy mornings every day. What are your routines in the summer?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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