Tuesday, May 31, 2016


As a student, I pretty much start salivating at the thought of quality, yet really affordable makeup. As a girl who lives and breathes higher end stuff, I’m the first to admit I can be a little reluctant when it comes to using cheaper drugstore alternatives. Having said that, I’m a slave to social media and I’m really influenced by the blogs I follow. Loads of my favourite bloggers and YouTubers have been loving these drugstore brands, so I thought I’d give Seventeen’s Falsifeyes HD Mascara a go! It’s relatively new, and so I haven’t seen many people using it yet (what can I say? I’m such a trendsetter), and so far, I’m hugely impressed!

For just under £7, you get this little pink box of joy. The wand of a mascara is its main selling point, for me. I always look for those teeny tiny spikes because they’re absolutely the best for catching all the small lashes and making my eyes look wider. I’m actually pretty lucky when it comes to lashes; I’ve got pretty long lashes naturally, so I usually go for volumising and curling mascaras. This one ticks all my boxes, and it’s the only one I’ve been reaching for lately. Even though it’s purse-friendly, that doesn’t mean you’re skimping on quality. If you’re as impiverished as I am lately, this little beauty is definitely worth a try! I wouldn’t be without it now.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. I adore this mascara! There is just something about the brush ad the bristles that is amazing!!

    Parie x

  2. Great review, need to try this one soon! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin


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