Monday, May 16, 2016


Despite loving my everyday, trusted, go-to skincare, I do love to branch out every now and again and try new things. You know, just in case! So, when Maimie contacted me to try out some Arbonne skincare, I jumped at the chance. My skin is always very up and down, and I’m no stranger to splurging insane amounts of cash on my skincare to try to help calm my spots and manage my complexion better. Arbonne skincare is (to put it any other way would be a disservice) luxurious, and has the price tag to match. It’s definitely up there with the high end stuff, and it’s not something I ever had the bank balance to try out. However, I did adore it when I tried it, despite a couple of things…

I received Arbonne’s FC5 products in teeny weeny 3ml samples. Impossibly cute and with pretty, minimalistic packaging (which I love), I immediately wanted to photograph them and then hide them away forever. At £21 for the full size cleanser and even more for the moisturiser, you’re looking at a pretty hefty dent in your pockets. Thing is, though, I can’t deny the loveliness of either of these products. The Purifying Cleanser + Toner *(£21 fullsize) is beyond luxurious. Lathering it up on my fingers, it was literally like some beautiful velvet or suede, and felt gentle on my skin. It smelt a tiny bit citrusy, but the scent of this wash is barely there; nothing too overpowering. This wash doesn’t strike me as a ‘makeup removal’ wash, if you know what I mean. As brilliant as the wash felt on my skin, and how deeply is cleansed my face, I was left with some mascara patches underneath my eyes. This isn’t a criticism however; I think I’d just been lazy with my makeup removal the day before.

As for the Oil Absorbing Day Lotion* (£33 fullsize), packed with SPF 20, it aims to leave your skin with a fresh, matte finish. For a lotion, I did like it. For someone who doesn’t really ever bother with moisturisers or creams, that’s saying a lot. It was quite a thick, white, creamy substance when I applied it, but after rubbing it in to my skin, it seemed to sink in well and even made my skin look a bit calmer. I must mention that a couple of days after trying out these products, my skin broke out in the most angry spottiness the world has ever known. *ultra sad face*, however, a part of me thinks that it’s just the power of Arbonne drawing out all the hideousness from beneath my skin. I’m still dealing with some redness and marks after about a week, but even so, I did enjoy using the skincare. I think I’d definitely need to give it a proper go in the future to determine whether I really REALLY like it, but for a quick try, I did think it was pretty special and very indulgent.

Have you tried any of Arbonne skincare’s products? What were your experiences?

Lots of love,

Jasmine x


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