Wednesday, November 7, 2018


What’s happened to blogging?

I used to look forward to taking photos, editing them, writing reviews and promoting my blog posts every week, but lately my motivation has dwindled down to pretty much zilch. Even my favourite bloggers are posting to their blogs less and less, and that only feeds into my feelings of laziness, mehhhh, and “what’s the bleeding point, anyway?”. My Sunday mornings used to be dedicated to swigging tea, scrolling through my newsletters and catching up on my favourite creators’ content. Sure, there are hundreds of blog posts going live every day, but these aren’t coming from those who have been passionate about the creating process for years. There are loads of articles that are just churned out thoughtlessly uploaded, with OK-ish photos and less-than-perfect reviews or how-tos. But now I’m lucky to find a new blog post (that’s worth reading) more than once a week, from the many bloggers I absolutely love to follow. Where have you all gone???

I realise this is a bit rich coming from me…my last blog post was published at the beginning of October and, to be honest, it wasn’t my best piece of writing and the pictures were just iPhone snaps from my travels this summer. And before then, there was a few more travel pieces hurriedly slapped together and a review of Peggy Porschen. To be honest, all of the blog posts I’ve uploaded in the last month or so have felt like a bit of a chore for me to write. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the motivation of all my other bloggers doing it with me…or maybe it’s because my focus, like so many others’, is elsewhere.

It seems as though we have all become guilty of being blind everything on earth other than Instagram. Let’s not even mention the fact that those who are successful on Instagram are some of the only bloggers with any success. Quality content is disappearing from our beloved wordpressers and blogspotters personal spaces, and is rearing its head over on everyone’s most loved frustrating photography app; Instagram. Bloggers (myself included) are putting so much work into a single image to post, having to plan their feeds and themes, think of the perfect hashtags and other ‘grammers to follow, that we’re unable to keep up with our own blogs. All hail Instagram! Right?

I have caught myself feeling jealous of people’s follower numbers and feeling so angry about the algorithms. I’ve spammed #Like4Like posts in an attempt to boost my engagement. I get stressed out if I haven’t posted to my Instagram one day, and anxiously refresh my follower count after each post to see if people liked it or not. My Twitter feed has gone from hundreds upon hundreds of links to my new blog posts to automated links to new Instagram pictures. And then I feel guilty after all of this, because I’ve been neglecting my first love, and the reason I got so hooked on this whole social media fascination in the first place; my blog. 

All I’m saying is that it used to be sooooo nice to read the well-thought-out and inspiring blog posts, the helpful and in-depth reviews, and enjoy the amazing photography and editing talents from my fellow bloggers. 

And honestly, I can’t help feeling a little bit miffed that the people I follow with incredible Instagram engagement don’t even have a blog (or a Youtube channel, or ANYTHING else) to back up Blogger or Influencer in their bio. 

These whiney ramblings probably make me look so jealous, and maybe that’s what it really is, deep down. I’d love to have the follower count and engagement that these girls do, just for posting the same identical picture of them sipping coffee on a daily basis. Then again, I’d love for the hype surrounding Instagram to die a bit of a death. I’ll always love posting to Instagram, but I’m going to make a conscious effort not to let it ruin my life. I want to treat it the way in which I did when I first signed up; to supplement my blog…not to rule my life. When all is said and done, I’ll feel so much more accomplished if I’ve got a blog that I adore to look back on, rather than a bunch of contrived Insta pics with random, cringeworthy hashtags.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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