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life update: the love of my life

Hi everyone! Today isn’t a beauty related post, but I always like to keep you updated on my life and some really big and really amazing changes have been going on for me recently. As many of you will probably already know (if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, that is) I have fallen head over heels in love with an incredible person. I’m not the sort of person so publicise things I’m not taking seriously, and writing about him on my beauty blog has taken some balls, but I’ve had a few questions so I’d like to formally introduce the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.

His name is Chris, he’s 19 and lives in London. We have been best friends for about 6 years, give or take, and he’s stuck by my side regardless of my move to Australia and been the most wonderful figure of strength for me. We messaged and Skyped all the time, even while I was away and thought we’d never see each other again. So, when I moved back to England we got back in touch as friends. 

In the past couple of months, the timing has finally been right and now we’re officially together, after all this time! It’s an incredible feeling, and I have genuinely never met someone who, when he looks at me, he genuinely looks at me (even though he comments on my bouncy walk and little habits). 

He’s a bartender, he’s going to university to study Politics in September when I leave to go to Bristol. The distance is a little bit of a strain, but at the same time, it means that any time we do spend together is proper quality time. As well as that, I adore London and it’s so lovely to break out of small-town Devon and take my little holidays up there and spend time with him and my old friends from Kent. We’re taking things pretty slowly, but I’m already besotted and, being the hopeless romantic that I am, I’m certain that he’s ‘the one’. Chris will be in a few of my upcoming YouTube videos; we’re filming some together soon so you guys can get to meet him better. I promise you, he’s an absolute gem.

- Where did we meet?
We met as awkward 13/14 year olds hanging around after school in the same group of friends. I’m sure the first time I saw him he was setting fire to a KFC serviette. Our friends were all really close, so I ended up seeing him a lot after first meeting him.

- Where was our first date? 
Our first date was six years later! He met me at Charing Cross in London after I booked a ticket to go see him literally a week after we started talking about relationship things. We went to the Natural History Museum and walked around for hours. It’s cute because neither of us paid any attention to anything in the museum at all. We laugh now because we both admitted that every time one of us would look at something, it gave the other an opportunity to stare!

- What was your first impression of him? 
I had the biggest, most embarrassing crush on Chris right from the get-go when we were younger. My mum knows so much about him because I used to come in from hanging out and go on and on about how perfect he was. I thought he was hilarious, devastatingly ginger and handsome, and extremely kind. We never got together though as we both had our little boyfriends and girlfriends! It seems silly now!

- When did you meet his family? 
I met his mum and little sister the second time I went to go up and see him, and they were so lovely even though I was probably obviously nervous. I haven't actually properly met his dad yet, which is hideous because I’ve camped out in his house for about a week in total so far, eek! I’m going up today actually, so hopefully this week we’ll get some solid getting-to-know-you time.

- Habit he has? 
Chris, without fail, always has an incense stick on the go and some beautiful background music. He also never stops fidgeting with his beard and tweaks his moustache which does things to me and he must really learn to control it when we are in public!

- How long have we been together?
Literally a month today. What better time to post this?

- Do we have any traditions? 
Given that I’ve only seen him twice since we started our relationship, we’ve got some pretty solid traditions down already. One of them in Kronenbourg and lime; we drink far far too much of it when we are together, but it’s always hilarious. Another in incense; I bought him some mermaid’s love incense cones because I’m obsessed with mermaids and he loves a good old incense session, so we always have one of those on the go. Long texts is another; every day without fail we’ll send each other a massive long lovey text so we don’t end up missing each other too much.

- An animal that resembles him? 
Chris is without a doubt my Lion. Without wanting to get too soppy or cheesy, he’s the bravest, most respectable, loyal, trustworthy and fair man I’ve ever met, and I’ve said this to him since I’ve known him. He is my King.

- First thing you noticed about him? 
Just gonna say it: I am a SUCKER for gingers. He is so beautiful.

- What pisses him off? 
Rubbish Wi-Fi, baggy jeans and me correcting his grammar.

- Favourite feature about him? 
It’s impossible to choose, but if I had to narrow it down it would be between his beard, his eyes and his arms.

- 3 things he's good & not good at? 
Chris is without a doubt one of the most talented musicians ever; he has a soundcloud with all his original acoustic stuff and the more I listen to it the more I fall in love with him (Bears And Mirrors On SoundCloud). He dresses absolutely perfectly; so perfectly in fact that when I stay at his, I raid his wardrobe and steal stuff. He’s the most romantic man I’ve ever met; he’s so thoughtful and passionate, and never lets me go a day without being told I’m beautiful. On the other hand, his room is always a tip (to be fair, I contribute to the mess) and sometimes the music he puts on literally offends me, ha!

- What do we argue about the most? 
We’re still in that blissful honeymoon period of not arguing, thank god. Having said that, we’ve never really fallen out during the whole time we were friends, so hopefully I’m mostly safe from any real arguments.

- Who wears the pants in the relationship? 
Although I’d never admit it to him, Chris does. He da boss.

- If he is watching TV, what is he watching? 
Apparently my boyfriend isn’t too into TV shows, but I know he’s partial to a bit of Jezza Kyle (Winning!).

- What drink does he order when we go out to eat? 
Kronenbourg with lime.

- What size of shoe does he wear? 
Size 8

-What is a talent he has? 
Chris’s aforementioned talent in music; he’s incredible and passionate and gifted. The stuff he comes out with either makes me cry or I sit and play on continuous loop while I’m getting ready to go out/editing a video/doing housework!

- His favorite sports team? 
Charlton FC boyssss!

- What is his eye color? 
Ugh, glacier blue with a turquoise wash. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

- Something he does that I wish he didn't do? 
Live so far away?

- What kind of cake would you bake him on his birthday?
Despite him not being too much of a sweetie/dessert fan, I’m still going to try and get him on the old Red Velvet bandwagon. Surely, no one in their right mind can deny its beauty. 

- Does he play any sports? 
He’s a god at skiing (or so he says) and I heard him mention he was playing football with some friends at some point but honestly 99% of what he says goes straight over my head because I’m too obsessed with staring at him.

- What can he spend hours doing?
Music music music; either playing his guitar and writing pretty little melodies, hilariously learning Nicki Minaj songs and making me rap over the top and playing music off the internet. That, and speaking to me, of course. Our record longest phone call has been 5 and a half hours so far, and we text constantly. You’d have thought we’d have run out of things to talk about by now!

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  1. this is such a sweet, lovely post<3 I wish both of you the best! xx


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