Tuesday, June 6, 2017


With summer around the corner (and considering I never post anything fashion related at all) I wanted to put together a little post all about my summer fashion favourites. These are all pieces of clothing that I can’t live without during the summer months, and they’re constantly being re-worn because a) I can’t be bothered to wash them and b) I just feel so gosh darn good while wearing them.

Oversized Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket | £30 | Camden Market (Similar here)
I’m obsessed with denim jackets all year round, but during summer, the impossible happens and I ditch my usual black denim jacket in favour of my blue version. Mine is a men’s XL because I adore the oversized feel of these jackets, and I find that they’re usually cool enough for summer days, and a great cover-up for summer evenings.

Cold Shoulder Ruffle White Playsuit | £28 | ASOS (Similar here)

Last summer was the summer of cold shoulder dresses, playsuits, tops, jumpsuits, etc. I basically lived in this playsuit all summer. It’s so floaty and light, it’s girly and comfortable for warmer weather. It’s very breathable, so it’s perfect for the summer. The fact that it’s a playsuit (playsuits are the ultimate in summer wear, if you ask me!) means your underwear and bumcheeks are safe from sudden gusts of wind and you’re all OK to do any cartwheels you may wish to do.

High Waisted Ripped Mom Shorts | £30 | Topshop
These shorts are some of the best shorts I’ve bought. I only ever trust Topshop jeans, but I hadn’t invested in a pair of their *ahem* pricey shorts until late last summer.  They’re ACTUALLY high waisted, and the rips are, although quite high-up the shorts, are still kinda tasteful. These go amazingly with my copious amounts of crop tops, and then I usually fling a massive lumberjack shirt on over the top. I’d recommend checking these shorts out if you’ve been struggling to find a decent pair anywhere else!

What are your summer wardrobe staples? Let me know!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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  1. I have those shorts and completely love them, they are a great summer staple!



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