Saturday, March 10, 2018


Third year university has been an absolute breeze; first I hope out of bed at 6am and jump into the shower. I’ll make myself and Chris a coffee and apply my makeup while the cup cools down. I’ll swan about in the kitchen making a full English breakfast with fruit, yogurts, freshly squeezed juice and read the newspaper while I nibble at it. I’ll style my hair, select an amazing outfit that looks like it has fallen out of the pages of Vogue, and sashay out of the flat ten minutes early.

LOL jk…

I’ve seen a lot of university-related posts lately, and I’m always interested in reading about other people’s experiences. Unfortunately, and it’s pretty common among us blogging lot, some of these blog posts have been bloody faaaake. You think I’m going to believe when you say you do 4 hours of tai chi before hand-grinding your coffee beans and discovering the cure for cancer, all before you set off for your lectures? No pal.

My morning generally goes like this:

My alarm goes off at the latest possible time I can realistically work with, which is 8:45. I’ll snooze it once, argue with Chris about whose turn it is to make the coffees, and drag myself out of bed just before 9. 

I NEVER shower before uni. Yes, it’s a bit scabby (fight me), but there’s literally no way I’m going to haul myself into the shower when I’m still semi-comatose. In all truth, I barely brush my hair, and you can forget makeup. I very rarely manage breakfast either, but I’ve recently discovered Up&Go liquid breakfast milkshake thingies which are quite filling and you can neck them on your commute.

I’ve worn the same pair of filthy jeans for about two weeks straight, and I’ll chuck on a t-shirt or a jumper. I can juuuust about manage to brush my teeth and scrape my hair into a bun before I head out the door, ten minutes late. 

The reality of my final year at uni has been much harder than I expected. My priorities are no longer on making sure I can straighten my hair to face the public in the mornings; I’ve got coursework coming out of my ears and far too much to think about. And the pressure of seeing all these other bloggers appear to be having the most perfect, stress-free time is making me feel inadequate. 

So, I guess this post is dedicated to all of us ‘normal’ folk; mere mortals who aren’t head to toe in Givenchy as we trot into our lectures sipping soy-mocha-skinny-extra-shot-decaf-lattes and uploading sassy pictures to our instas at the same time. 

We’re getting our degrees, we’re doing good!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

*I was inspired to write this blog post after reading my friend Fay's post: "The Perfect Mummy!". Feel free to check her blog out too!

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