Saturday, September 20, 2014

DIY Home Spa Essentials

I’m quite a busy bee lately, and so I always try to find time to pamper myself and really detox from a hectic working week. There’s no better way, I find, than to give myself a little home spa session! I’ve got a list of old faithfuls that I always bring out when I need some extra TLC, so I decided I’d review them here for you lovelies!

Aussie Beach Mate Shampoo and Conditioner
Purely for the smell, this one is so luxurious and decadent. As well as this, it’s a gorgeously moisturising duo and doesn’t come in too pricey. It’s the same formula as the Miracle Moist, so it gives my dry ends a good dousing with nourishing oils and when you lather it up it smells incredible.

Alpha H Microcleanse and Balancing Cleanser
These two babies are really good cleansers and get rid of all the makeup and dirt and dead skin that might have built up, leaving me feeling very fresh and very clean. The Alpha H lot are pretty pricey, so I do tend to save it for 'special occasions', that being when I feel I need a deep cleanse, and it really works for me. The microcleanser is hands down my favourite exfoliator by the way, it's got really really tiny grains so they get in all the nooks and crannies around your nose and it makes me skin feel incredible.

Babescrub No.2 Coffee
If you want a look at the entire range, then I did a massive long post on all three scrubs (link) but this one is definitely the favourite of the lot. It's a dry scrub and feels amazing, smells amazing, and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. You can also leave it on your body for 5 minutes before rinsing, which acts like a huge body mask which I do sometimes and it is gorgeous. 

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
Again, just because I'm beyond in love with this hair masque, I did a full review of it which you can read here (link) but seriously, when I'm feeling a little bit worse for ware, and my hair is looking tatty and dry, this little beauty fixes absolutely all my issues. My only qualm is that the tub really isn't big enough for me! I smooth this on after shampooing and conditioner-ing and leave it for about an hour, and when I rinse it off my hair feels so unbelievably nourished, smooth and silky.

Skinfood Mud Masque
A full review is available here (link). This is a wonderful face mask and I really feel pampered after I use it. I love clay masks because they get right deep into your pores and cool and soothe while they dry. The Skinfood one in particular is great, because it darkens in the areas that it draws lots of oil and dirt out of, so you can really see it working, making you feel extra pretty once it comes off.

Clarisonic Mia 2
There's a long full review here (link) but this has genuinely saved my life and stopped my spots from ruining my confidence. This is a cleansing brush which feels like a really nice facial, and exfoliates deep down to brighten the skin and keep it bacteria and grease free. Over time, this has reduced the size of the spots I get, and I only really suffer with them on my chin now. Top marks!

Original Source Shower Gel in Vanilla and Raspberry

My beautiful friend Emily (blog and youtube) put this baby in her Drugstore Favourites video last week and I loved the look of it. I didn't realise it would smell quite so amazing! I don't even believe it's real! This is perfect for a pamper session because it fills the entire room with such a delicious smell and it lathers up beautifully, and leaves the skin smooth and soft and smelling gorgeous. 


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