review: Rimmel Match Perfection Liquid Foundation

4:33 PM

Foundations can be extraordinarily hit and miss sometimes, and there are so many occasions I can remember I’ve dashed into Superdrug in a rushed frenzy and grabbed the nearest one, got it home and absolutely hated it. I was seriously pushed for time last week when I realised I needed to pick up a new drugstore foundation (to stop me from blitzing through my beloved MAC and NARS ones), BUT my bus was coming in 5 minutes. Cue the mad dash. I ran into Superdrug and saw that Rimmel were having a sale on their cosmetics, so I grabbed two of the Match Perfection foundations in Vanilla (very lucky guess) and caught my bus up home. I decided I’d better try it out asap, and these pictures are from my first application.

As you can see, it’s quite a thick liquid when applied to the back of the hand. It doesn’t tend to run anywhere and feels quite weighty. I used my trusty Ecotools buffing brush to blend just one layer into my skin, and checked out the results. Now, this really isn't a bad foundation at all! It's not quite as favourable as my dear L'Oreal True Match, but it's close. I like the coolness of this shade of Vanilla, and I can see myself picking this up during the winter months when I'm pale and freezing cold. It gives quite a light, but even coverage, and I loved the way the thickness of the liquid eventually spread out into a natural looking, fresh coating of foundation on my skin. 

I've worn this a couple of times now, and I've needed more than one layer, just to really cover up that redness of my spotty chin. I'm happy with the way it stays, and I really really adore the cool shade of vanilla. As drugstore foundations go, this ones a firm winner with me, and I've got two bottles to work through. I still prefer L'Oreal True Match as my ultimate drugstore foundation, but for the winter months, I'm definitely going to love Rimmel's great offering.

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  1. I've picked up True Match on a whim as well, and I actually really love it. Since I have quite oily skin I do like to powder it a little bit, but when I do the staying power is more than okay.


  2. This looks pretty good on the skin considering the price tag, it has a nice finish! I also love Loreal True Match, you just can't beat it x
    Beauty with charm

  3. This looks really good on your skin! You are really pretty!




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