Thursday, September 11, 2014

update: pastel pink hair!

Hair updates are always fabulous, especially when they cover pastel pink hair! I gave the pink a rest for a bit, but I ended up really missing it. Once I’d had my roots touched up I slapped a load of pink back on top. I love it! It makes me feel like such a mermaid, especially when I style it with loose beachy curls and salt spray.

I did a review of the Bleach London Rose hair dye, but I’ve since switched it up and now I use the Crazy Colour dye in Candyfloss and Lavender. I’ve swapped because 1, Crazy Colour is cheaper and there’s WAY more info on it online, so you can do your research well before you commit to buying and dying your hair. 2, the colours are prettier (in my opinion!) and there’s a huge range that I do plan on trying out.

I use Candyfloss all over my hair, and then use Lavender just on the ends. This is because my ends are sort of brassy and orangey and the pink just doesn’t cover up the colour of my ends. Purple shampoos tone down this brassiness, so I figured a pastel purple dye (diluted with conditioner) would work, and you can’t see the difference between the shades and it blends well.


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  1. you hair looks amazing!! I've been wanting to put some lilac bits in my hair so might have to give these products a go :)


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