Monday, September 29, 2014

☼ review: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette

This has been my most luxurious beauty buy for a while, and I’m so excited to be able to review it. It’s my first Too Faced product, and I think it’ll be the first of many. I adore this palette, and even though I was going in blind and ordering it from America without being able to swatch the shades first, I’m pleased with it and I’ve had such a lot of use out of it since I got it!

I’ll start with the gorgeous packaging; I love tin style makeup palettes because they remind me of those retro pencil tins I had at primary school, only the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes tin is so much more elegant and beautiful. The palette has it’s own built in mirror (praise jesus because I get annoyed that other palettes don’t have mirrors) and didn’t come with any annoying unwanted little brush. The palette is pretty little and so it’s easy to slip into my travel makeup bag and I can take it to and from work without too much hassle, plus it’s so easy to wipe clean any foundation and lipstick marks which I somehow always get all over everything.

Onto the shades; there’s a variety of matte and shimmer shades in the palette, and there’s 9 eyeshadows in total. They’ve got pretty risqué names (don’t worry, they’re not quite as bad as NARS’s) and all have a sexy bedroom theme going on. The design behind the palette is to be able to create a range of smouldering, sexy looks and to help us girls perfect that ‘come hither’ look. I’m not sure if I’ll be using it to seduce men, but the shades are really pretty and I couldn’t resist this palette for a second.

In The Buff, Fuzzy Handcuffs and Voulez Vous are the day shades, and are a nicely versatile bunch. In The Buff is a great brightening and waking up shade for day time, and Voulez Vous is the perfect daytime crease colour, just to subtly smoulder up the eyes. Fuzzy Handcuffs is a shimmering, sheer peachy shade which looks really pretty blended out, however I find it is a little ott for my go-to day time look so I usually incorporate it into my evening looks.

The Classic shades have probably taken the cake for my favourite three shades. Satin Sheets is a gloriously pigmented peachy-pink shimmer and Sugar Walls is slightly more golden in comparison. Garter Belt is a really pretty matte grey; a colour I’d never think to pick, but I’ve ended up adoring it.

The Fashion shades are the most dramatic, but I’ve found I can dust them on lightly to make sure I get a good amount of wear out of them and not look too over the top. Birthday Suit is gorgeous, and makes a great base for an eyeshadow look when I’m going out in the evening. Lapdance is an intensely pigmented mauvey-grey disco-ball like shimmering shade, and French Tickler is jet black and jam packed with really chunky bits of glitter.

I’m loving this palette and I’m reaching for it so much lately. I picked this up on Beauty Bay for £25 which is a steal considering the quality of the shadows and range of colours. Have you tried this palette? 



  1. Such a gorgeous palette - every single shade is beautiful! I definitely need to get my hands on this :)
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  2. Haven't tried this palette but I do love Too Faced's stuff like their Natural Radiance face palette. This is something I have to try for definite- I love the colours!

    Mara xx


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