Tuesday, December 9, 2014

♔ Autumn/Winter Saviours

I’m a winter lover and nothing summer offers can compare to the cosy nights in snuggled underneath a blanket watching TV with my boyfriend and family. I’ve been so excited to experience a proper cold winter in England since moving back home from Australia, and I’ve made sure I’m fully prepared for the chilliness that is to come! These are my favourite winter time saviours!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Floral - £3.50 – Superdrug
For those days where you simply can’t even contemplate getting undressed and jumping in the shower to wash your hair, Batiste has your back. It’s saved my skin more times than I care to admit, but for those days where you’ve got to pull yourself together and venture out into the wintery wilderness and look decent whilst going about it, Batiste’s dry shampoos are works of magic. I spritz mine around the roots and rustle it around my roots to add volume and disguise the fact I’m too lazy and far far far too freezing to get naked and shower, and I’m set!

Thrift Scarf - £2 – Charity Shop
I’ve had this beige tartan scarf for absolutely years and it is an old faithful of mine. There’s something so comfy about it and it fits in well when I’m dressing a little more grungey (which I always tend to do in the winter). I always see these in charity shops and I picked up a green one a couple of weeks ago, but tartan just screams A/W and I love my cheap and chips scarf.

Thick Fluffy Socks - £4 – Primark
I’m sure I share the ‘permanently freezing’ trait with many of you. My hands are always icy, but when my feet start to feel cold, that’s where I start losing the will to live. Fluffy socks from Primark are the answer! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t stock up on these during the winter months, but they come in such a variety of patterns and they’re so unbelievably cheap. They’re knitted and fleecy on the inside, and you can’t find anything so wonderful for such a low price so, if you’re a freezy person like me, definitely grab a pair!

Violet Skies - £5 – Bleach London
As most of you’ll know, I’ve had gorgeous pastel purple hair for the past couple of months. Bleach London’s offering is a temporary dye which can really add an edginess to your hair for a little while. It lasts between 2-10 washes (although mine is fading a bit strangely now!) and just gives my blonde hair a gorgeous pastel lilac tone. I can’t fault the product for only five quid, and you can pick it up from boots easily and have a bit of an experiment.

Apricot Self-Heating Exfoliating Mask – £0.99 – Superdrug
A definite winter warmer! This mask actually heats itself up as you apply it to your skin, and has grains of apricot seeds to gently exfoliate the dry skin that is usually brought on by the onset of freezing cold weather. I tried this out one afternoon and was amazed by how warm the mask felt, and how relaxed I was when using it. This is one for a winter afternoon pamper session!

Blistex Intensive Repair Lip Balm - $6.99 – Priceline
THIS. Lip balms can be reeeeally hit and miss, and most of the drugstore balms don’t usually touch the dryness and flakiness of my lips during winter. This one, on the other hand, tingles as I apply it, and after about 15 minutes, the flaky bits of skin on my lips sort of disappear and the bottom layer is moisturised and soft. I’m so pleased with this lipbalm and it has been a constant repurchase for over a year. It is perfect!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - £8.49 – Boots
My hair can get so dry in the cold weather, and in the wind it gets whipped around and tangled up, and my ends split and it is basically a massive nightmare. I love hair masks to remedy this, and one of my favourites recently has been the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, which is a lovely, creamy, protein based treatment which makes my hair so soft and manageable. Watch this space to see if it actually makes my hair grow!

Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon in Vintage Pink - £8 – LookFantastic
This absolute wonder product is so beautiful and I don’t get to use it throughout the summer just because it’s a little bit too bluey for summer. When winter rolls around, however, this icy pink, beautifully opaque, deliciously creamy lipstick crayon is perfect for my skintone and matches the time of year perfectly. Lord & Berry became one of my top favourite brands after trying this, and now I’m hooked. This lipstick crayon is permanently in my handbag, and it is my everyday go-to pink lip for the cool winter months!


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