Wednesday, June 22, 2016


What else are Sundays for other than running yourself a hot bath, chucking on a face mask and blogging? I’m currently still basking in the glory of the bath bomb I just used, and I wanted to review it while it’s all still fresh in my mind. Lush bath bombs are the ultimate in luxury and unwinding for me, so when I got one for my birthday, I practically wanted to strip down and use it there and then. Honey Bee is the latest one I’ve tried, and it’s just as sweet and decadent as the name would suggest.

Speckled, pale yellow and with a bright flash of canary through the middle. There’s also little honey coloured flecks throughout. The bomb smells incredibly sweet, yet slightly woody. It’s very simple and minimalist, in shape and pattern. So that’s something that really appeals to me in a product; minimalism is life.

This bomb is actually a really quick fizzer! It was completely dissolved within a couple of minutes. It flooded the bathtub with a rich, smooth honey gold colour, which smelt beyond beautiful. There’s also teeny weeny pieces of gold dust in this bomb, too, so the water even starts shimmering. The bonus with this bomb is that the clean-up isn’t half as bad as some of the other very brightly coloured bombs, so that’s always a plus! Honey Bee is really lovely, and one of those unsung heroes of Lush. Definitely check it out if you need an indulgent soak!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. I am SO into Lush bath bombs ! I agree with you on the fact that they're the ultimate luxury !
    I will make sure to try this one soon !


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