Wednesday, June 8, 2016


As far as accomplishments go, I’ve only got a few. I can count all of my finest achievements on one hand, but completing my first year of university is one at the top of the list! In September 2015, I arrived in Bristol in my Dad’s car, packed to the brim with my belongings, to move into my accommodation and begin university. I was beyond scared, and it was definitely one of the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt. Eight months on, though, I feel like I’m practically invincible and my Superwoman cape is poking out from beneath my dressing gown. I wanted to write this blog post as a bit of a celebration, and to share with you guys what the first year of university has taught me. *Spoiler* Does not contain actual lecture notes or ANYTHING useful.

You’ll find yourself
Cliché as it sounds (and I genuinely wanted to vomit all over everyone who told me this before I started uni), you really do discover who you are. I have strengths I never knew about – weaknesses too – but I’m much more in touch with myself than I have ever been. It’s really interesting to see which people your gravitate towards, what interests you’ll discover, and how you grow when you’re not living at home under your parents’ roof. I really was worried, but after the first few weeks, you’ll find yourself being so much more resilient and self-sufficient. It’s amazing!

Cooking isn’t all that
I carted about 5 student cookbooks with me to uni, and I’ve opened them a grand total of zero times. Luckily, I’m OK-ish in the kitchen. I love experimenting and I adore food (too much, probably). However, my flat mate needed explaining how to cook pasta about a month into living there. To be honest, you probably won’t transform into Gordon Ramsay overnight, but as a student, there’s nothing a good ready meal, pot noodle or tin of beans can’t fix.

What are budget?
So I was living on a set amount of money per week, and I was SHOCKINGLY BAD at budgeting. I’d get paid on a Monday and I’d somehow end up with £12 to last me the rest of the week. I know most people aren’t like this, and I have a friend who was actually saving money whilst studying, but I learned that happiness comes above trying to stick to my budget. I splashed out regularly on clothes, makeup, meals out, drinks. In hindsight, I’ve probably shot myself in the foot a little bit, but in the grand scheme of things, what’s a little more student debt on top of what I’m already going to owe?

The only person you can rely on is yourself
Another little cliché here, but I heard an amazing saying while studying. “The best thing about university is that you can miss a lesson whenever you want. The worst part about university is that you can miss a lesson whenever you want.” You’ll soon learn that without mum to drag you by the ankles out of bed, or without dad bringing you a cup of tea, you’ve got to pull your socks up and make it in to your classes. This all helps to build courage and motivation.

And with that, I’ve completed my first year! And maaaan do I feel like a legend. I’ve got friends who are finishing their whole course, but I’m keeping focused and I can’t wait to work loads over summer and prepare for my move to London. If any of you are struggling to decide on whether university is right for you, I’d definitely suggest that you think more about your options and the amazing life lessons that come with moving out and being responsible for yourself. It’s liberating and exciting, it’s difficult and heartbreaking, but it moulds and shapes you, and is an incredible step in the story of you.

Whew, that’s enough emotional spew for today. 10/10 Jazzy!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. I just finished my second year of university and I can definitely relate to all of these !

  2. Well done for completing your first year. I went way too young and didn't take advantage of it like I should have, I really regret not putting more into my time there! So good to see you have learned so much in your first year :)

    Well done :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I too have just finished my first year, such a great feeling!

    Parie x


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