Thursday, August 4, 2016


This is just a very quick blog post to sing the praises of my ultimate favourite liquid eyeliner. If you’re anything like me, you feel a little bit naked and altogether strange leaving the house without those trusty black flicks. A good liquid liner is something I HAVE to own, and the blacker the better. The right liner for me must also be absolutely fool-proof because I’m more ham-fisted than you could ever imagine first thing in the morning.  Soap & Glory’s SuperCat has been the only liner I’ve used for a good couple of years now. It is truly my Holy Grail eye product.

These pen-style liners have literally made liquid liner accessible to me, and I know that they’re firm favourites among the bloggers I follow religiously. SuperCat is thin and easy to control, and the super skinny nib is perfect. You can choose thin flicks, or angle the nib slightly for much more dramatic flicks. The liner is super pigmented and stays black all day, which is something I can’t say of other, cheaper pen liners I’ve tried that have faded through 50 shades of grey by dinnertime.

For just £6, you can buy a little slice of makeup heaven, making the morning battle with eyeliner a muuuuch less traumatising ordeal. This is a firm 5 star product, and probably the only liner I’ll buy for the next few years. Plus I love spending my money on Soap & Glory; it’s such a kitschy, fun brand with so many incredible products that I simply adore. If SuperCat isn’t on your radar yet, it’s definitely worth a look!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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