Wednesday, January 25, 2017


It’s the skincare I never knew I needed. Has anyone else ever done this? I received this GlamGlow Supercleanse Mud To Foam Daily Treatment Cleanser for Christmas, and I’d honestly never even heard of it. I have tried some GlamGlow products in the past; I had a sample of their Youthmud Mask and I also tried their Eye Mask at a friend’s once. I always wanted to save up to buy the full-size Youthmud Mask, but given it was probably cheaper to buy a house, I decided not to. So, when I unwrapped this on Christmas Day, I was suuuuper excited because it’s the first full-size GlamGlow product I’d ever tried, and it looked like the real deal.

Starting off with the packaging: YES YES YAAAS YAAAAASSS. White and silver are so minimalistic and perfect and beautiful and photogenic. This bottle looks great in my silver basket in my bathroom, and if that’s not reason enough to love this product, then I don’t know what is. It has a pump mechanism to get the product out, and it tells you to use 2-3 pumps and it comes out easily and smoothly. The bottle itself is huuuge. Well, it’s 150ml of actual product, but the bottle looks at feels more like a 250ml product. Oh well.

I completely and utterly fell in love with this cleanser when I tried it. It’s a really unusual type of cleanser. You pump the mud out onto your fingers, apply it to a dry face, wait five minutes and then lather it with warm water. It’s actually quite fun, and a nice little twist on your usual face washing routine. It feels quite minty. There might even be a bit of tea-tree in there, because it makes your skin tingle very lightly, and it smells lovely.

GlamGlow claims this product is perfect for all skin types, and will reduce blemishes and combat oiliness. Sounds great, but does it work? Well, my skin has looked so much brighter since I began using this on a daily basis after Christmas. It feels fresh, matte and cleaner than ever. Although it claims that it can be used to remove makeup, I still prefer to remove my makeup as thoroughly as I can with Micellar Water, and then go in with this for good measure. I can definitely say that my skin is immediately more radiant and luminous after using this cleanser. I feel as though this wash is better suited to morning cleansing than evening cleansing, as it makes your skin look so fresh and illuminated for the day.

I’m not 100% sure where you can get this product in the UK, as my Mumma sent me this from the land of Oz. Maybe we can commission her as a smuggling mule? I’d definitely recommend this to absolutely anyone; there’s no soreness, dryness or irritating smell. I’ve got sensitive skin, and it has worked wonders for me so far. It’s my new favourite cleanser, 5-EVA.

Have you ever tried any of GlamGlow’s products? What have you liked/disliked about them?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. This sounds fantastic, I also love that it comes with a pump (praise the gods!). Haven't heard many people discuss this so thanks for sharing. It sounds ideal for my skin as well xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. I have heard such great things about this cleanser! The only Glam Glow product I've tried is the Supermud Mask, which is amazing but quite pricey! This one retails for about $57 here in Australia so I'll just wait a tad longer before giving it a go. Great review! xx

    Chantalle |


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