Saturday, July 5, 2014

review: Goldwell DualSenses Rich Repair Range (for dry and stressed hair)

I’m a firm believer in the phrase 'You get what you pay for', and this couldn't be more true in haircare! I'm a girl who loves to bleach her hair; I'm a massive fan of that sunny blonde look, but as many of you will know, bleaching causes your hair a lot of stress and damage and general sadness. The way I see it though, you spend so much money on getting your hair bleached at the hairdressers, it makes sense to invest in a proper salon quality haircare range. I've got drugstore brands that I love, don't get me wrong, but you can't expect a brand such as Herbal Essences to contain the same nourishing ingredients and therefore protect and repair your hair as a salon brand would! Anyway, I'd had my eye on this range for quite a while when I stumbled across it on sale in HairHouse Warehouse! Obviously I grabbed them immediately and since then, I've loved my Goldwell haircare to death.

DualSenses Rich Repair Cream Shampoo
Possibly my top favourite shampoo of all time! It's a beautiful, creamy, shimmering formula which smells almost vanilla-y. I've only ever used it in conjunction with the conditioner, but from what I can feel as I'm using the shampoo, the shampoo itself is pretty nourishing. You know that dry-ish feeling you get when rinsing off shampoo before putting on conditioner? With this shampoo I really notice you don't get that dry feeling; rather a smooth and silky feeling. It's truly lovely, smells beautiful, spreads wonderfully and cleanses my oily roots well. My ends, which are pretty dry and split, always feel like they've had some TLC after I've used this. Sometimes I like to leave on the shampoo for a couple of minutes to let it really work it's magic.

DualSenses Rich Repair Anti-Breakage Conditioner
The same goes for the conditioner; it is probably my top favourite! It's a pretty thick and creamy conditioner, without the shimmery look of the shampoo. It spreads well, feels extremely moisturising and smooth on the hands through your hair, and stays on in a nice thick layer while you go about your other tasks and allow your hair to soak it up. It's a gorgeous conditioner; it truly sorts out my split ends (at least it reduces their appearance for a couple of days) and my lengths and ends feel really soft and silky. It gives my usually dry and matte-looking hair a bit of shine. I truly love this conditioner, I swear by it to sort out my dryness. 

DualSenses Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment
Heaven in a tub. Seriously. I adore this treatment, and yes, it comes in a tiny bit pricey (in Australia anyway) but I consider it to be money well spent, given that it has lasted me well over three months. This is one of my favourites too, but I have found masques I like better. Having said that, this one really does pack a punch in the dry/brittle/dull/breaking hair battle, and really does work a treat. I find it is best when I leave it on for a day (yes, sometimes I don't leave the house all day and sit watching Jeremy Kyle with a hair mask on, okay!) or overnight. I rinse it off after a good long while and I'm always happy with how it looks afterwards. This one makes my hair slightly greasier, though, and I find my hair oils up a lot quicker if I use this one, but that is to be expected when it is so deeply nourishing.

All in all, a massive thumbs up from me. I never ever repurchase items; I like to move on to the next best thing and I'm trying to try out a whole load of different products to find my 'holy grail' in each department; but this range has really pleased me and I'd definitely consider repurchasing. I knew it would be good as it has been recommended by a few good bloggers and my favourite YouTuber ever, Lauren Curtis, but I never expected it to really make a noticeable difference in shine and split ends reduction. This is a great range to try if you've got brittle and breaking hair, especially if that's from colour treating or bleaching it. It has been a winner for me, and I always know I can count on Goldwell to nurse my hair back to health when it needs that extra moisturising TLC! 


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  1. Oo maybe I should try this if they sell in UK?
    I'm the same with bleaching, I'm always having highlights.
    I've been looking for an amazing product for ages but I'm a bit wary of spending loads when I don't know if it'll work.
    After reading such a positive review i'm definitely convinced with this brand though.


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