Wednesday, November 8, 2017


When you’re a blogger, it can be easy to get writer’s block and run out of things to write about. I’ve spent so much time scanning the ‘blog post ideas’ google search page recently that I wanted to give some ideas back. Without further ado, here are 100 blog post ideas for beauty, skincare, lifestyle, fashion and travel!

What’s in your makeup bag
Beauty product review
A beauty haul
A daytime makeup look
An evening makeup look
Your 5 product face
High street favourites
High end favourites
Seasonal makeup looks: Autumn/Fall, Christmas, New Years
Blush wardrobe/Bronzer wardrobe
Empty makeup products you’ve used up
Decluttering your makeup
Day to night makeup
Products you’ll be repurchasing
Products you hate
Good product dupes
Products you love currently
All-time holy grail products
How much is your face worth?
Holiday/travelling beauty essentials
Haircare favourites
Fake tan review

Top 3 face masks
Current skincare routine
Pamper products
A Lush bath bomb review/demonstration
Holy grail skincare products
Get un-ready with me
Tips for glowing skin
DIY project: Face Mask/Lip scrub/hair mask
Best of Bath + Body products
What’s in my shower
Skincare worth the splurge
Product review from only one brand
Your favourite skincare store

A clothing haul
Outfit of the day post
Shop My Wardrobe post
eBay fashion haul
Primark haul
Wardrobe tour
A week in outfits
A fashion Wishlist 
5 essential fashion pieces
Seasonal outfit ideas (Christmas, New Years)
Bikini collection
An underwear haul
Shoe collection
Handbag collection
A LookBook

What you eat in a day
Bullet Journaling 
A day in your life
Money Saving tips
Tips to de-stress
Tips to motivate yourself
Bedroom Tour
Relationship Advice
Recipe post
A playlist - your favourite music at the moment
Getting ready for bed routine
Morning Routine
Restaurant review
Your favourite bloggers/Instagram/YouTube/Pinterest accounts
How you find inspiration
10 Things you’re grateful for
Book Reviews
TV/Documentary reviews
Movie reviews
A letter to your younger self
Healthy eating tips and healthy eating journey 
Goals you want to achieve 
Sickness survival guide
50 facts about you 
Days out on a budget
What it’s really like at University
Favourite iPhone apps
All About Your Tattoos blog post

A weekend away
Hotel review
Holiday recap
How to pack your suitcase
Best travel miniatures
What to take backpacking
Best books for travelling
5 Things to do in _______
24 hours in ________
What I ate in _________
Staying safe when travelling tips
What I wore in ________
Booking a trip tips + tricks
Countries you want to visit
Travel bucket list 
My first time travelling alone
What’s in my travel bag?
Photo Album of your holiday post

I hope some of these are helpful to you and help you get those creative juices flowing again. I’m always worrying I’m falling out of love with blogging, but it’s just me running out of topics to ramble on about. Now, go forth and write!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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