Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Ah, yes. It is clear that I am taking Veganuary very seriously. To be honest, I did a week of attempting a Vegan diet last week, and I know it can be a topic that people feel strongly about (and it’s a topic I feel strongly about sometimes, too!), but, this date night, I just r e a l l y needed a steak. Chris and I headed to Café Rouge for some delicious dinner.

Oh, shock, horror. MORE French food on my blog. Chris and I have been to Côte Brasserie a hell of a lot over the last year or so. I’ve just absolutely fallen in lurve with the French cuisine. Café Rouge has a cute little restaurant where we live, and we had a 50%-off voucher to use up.

We both ordered the 7oz Fillet Steak Frites, medium rare. He had béarnaise sauce and I had peppercorn. We had a bottle of Malbec to share AND LET ME JUST SAY I have been feeling SO sophisticated coz of my new red wine habit. I’ve only ever really drank rosé (which, yes, I know, isn’t a ‘real’ wine but it is sweet and I have the palette of a fourteen year old and I LIKE IT) so I’ve been enjoying the fact that I actually do like reds, especially over winter.

Then - and we probably shouldn’t have - we ordered a cheese board. The Sélection De Fromages comes with five different types of French farmers’ artisan cheeses, baby grapes, celery and biscuits. I’m not usually a sweet dessert person and not that many places do a cheese board, so I persuaded Chris to share this one with me. To be honest, the red wine had probably done its job as I don’t remember the cheese board much, but I know it was divine. Cheese can never not be divine, so…

We were given a leaflet for their Valentine’s Day menu where you can have 3 courses and champagne for £24.95 between the 10th and 18th of February, so I think Chris and I will definitely be going back for that one. 

*Disclaimer: This post literally isn’t even sponsored I’m just obsessed with food and eating and restaurants and my life revolves around it but plz Café Rouge send me a lifetime supply of your fillet steaks

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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