Wednesday, January 31, 2018


You may have noticed that I had a sort of mad panic at the end of summer 2017 and booked two holidays in two weeks. I suddenly realised my life was definitely ending (I was starting my third year of uni), and scrambled to book a last minute trip to Barcelona (watch the vlog here!) and one to Ibiza (blog post here!). I had good fun, but I realised that I would ideally like to be exploring a little bit more over the course of the year. I only have a few months left of university until I am a free woman, and here’s where I wanna go…

Some Greek Island or another
How can one be expected to choose between all the bloody beautiful islands that exist? Of course, Santorini is the most Instagram-worthy option, but am I really going to spend a significant amount of coin based on how many likes I’m likely to get on my pictures? (I mean yes, probably). To be honest, the thing I most consider when booking a holiday is the food I’m going to get to eat when I arrive. That’s why I’ve been to Italy about three times now. But in Greece, I’m hoping to be neck-deep in feta cheese and lamb meatballs.

Munich, Germany
Ahhh, Germany, a land of beer, architecture, and I can’t wait to insert a huge bratwurst into my face. Whenever I see pictures of German cities, I feel a sense of familiarity. I think I’d feel really safe there, and I know the grid-system makes it hella easy to navigate. There’s palaces and castles, the olympic stadium, and some of the buildings look like they’re straight out of the pages of a Disney story. It’s not somewhere I see a whole lot of on my Instagram feed, so I might love to trailblaze my way around the pretty city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contrary to what some might think, not every millennial treks over to Amsterdam for the sole purpose of smoking weed. It might come as a by-product, but I’d probably be too paranoid about falling into the river or knocking over someone’s pretty bike. Amsterdam is one of the moooost visited places by my blogger mates, but I still haven’t been. I feel like everyone in my life has strolled along the rivers, been to the flower market and even visited Anne Frank’s house. Personally, though, for me, all I really wanna do is visit the penis museum. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia
I’m not even going to lie about the fact that I am convinced I am Khaleesi, and I’m a complete Game Of Thrones obsessive. Quite a lot of the King’s Landing and Blackwater Bay shots were taken in Dubrovnik, and it’s bloody stuuuunning. The weather is gorgeous and it just looks other-worldly. I can even strip off nude, shave my head and recreate Cersei’s walk of shame down the exact same steps if I so wish! Count me in.

Faro, Portugal
I’m a beach bum, firstly and foremost. I’m forever wishing I was lounging on a beach with a book and a mojito on the go, and where’s warmer or more beautiful in Europe than Portugal? I’ve already seen Albufiera in Portugal; my dad took my sister and I when we were much younger, so I’d love to try somewhere new this time. Faro has loads of sandy islands dotted along the coast, and they offer camping, lagoons, wildlife in the nature reserve and boat trips. It has an old town with cathedrals and churches, and I’ve heard great things about live music shows in the evenings. But most importantly ARE THE BEACHES DAMMIT.

Lots of love, 
Jasmine x

*all images except the first photo were sourced from tumblr!

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