Monday, May 12, 2014

Clarisonic Mia2 Before & After

I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts recently about how the Clarisonic isn’t worth the money, and I, for one am shocked! For those of you who disagree with the incredible powers of the Clarisonic, I’ve taken a couple of snaps of my horrendous looking skin after a big weekend (of partying, dancing, ‘forgetting’ to wash off my makeup before bed etc etc) and then one of my skin after I use my Clarisonic again after a couple of days of not using it. 

My Clarisonic is my baby and I’ll defend it to the grave, it’s cured my acne issues without the use of drugs or changing my eating habits (yay, chocolate!) and it allows me to remove all the oils, dead skin and general muck from my face.

In these pictures, you can see how my skin before is dull and almost blurry. I’ve got a layer of old foundation on (sorry, face L) and my skin just looks horrible and filthy. After, my skin is a whole load brighter, completely purified and is smooth beyond belief. I’m aware that there’s still all black mascara underneath my eyes, but the Clarisonic isn’t designed to cleanse the delicate eye area. This skincare product has completely transformed my skin, and I feel as though it’s 100% worth the investment. There are alternative methods to exfoliate the skin, which I’ve tried and I find they are effective, but all in all, the Clarisonic Mia 2 ticks every box every time. To me, the pictures say it all. It’s amazing! I won’t harp on endlessly as I’ve reviewed it once before, but please read my full review here. I've also had a video up on my YouTube praising it, which you can watch below if you haven't seen it yet. 



  1. I've seen so many reviews on this but only feel I want one after reading yours! Fab video review too really well put together x


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