Friday, January 29, 2016

Favourite Skincare Of 2015

In 2015 I discovered a whole hoard of new beauty bits, and skincare turned out to be the department I found the most incredible products in. Here are my top skincare items for 2015!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Toner
I splash mine onto a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face after washing it, and it tightens my pores and creates an almost velvety barrier against germs and bacteria. This has been one of the best products I’ve ever used, and as part of the 3-step anti blemish system, it’s calmed my skin down and I hardly ever suffer with spots anymore.

Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Gel
Possibly the most luxurious and beautiful smelling shower gel the world has ever known! Considering you can pick this up from Boots, Savers, Bargain Buys and Wilko for £1 when it’s on a special offer, it’s also the cheapest item in my list. It smells so good that you feel like you could eat it, and is also a vegan product! Thumbs up all round for my shower time staple.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
Again, as part of my 3-step anti blemish system by La Roche Posay, this has stopped spots in its tracks and made my skin so much less of a hassle. This is the third step in the routine; after swiping my face with the toner, I use this almost like a moisturiser. It melts into the skin and calms redness immediately, and works to minimise spots. I adore this little tube of goodness.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash
As a girl who used to suffer from the dreaded ‘bacne’, and had spots on my shoulders and a few annoying red ones on my chest (thanks, puberty), this body wash has literally saved my skin. I think that last year I started to ‘grow out’ of my back acne, but this wash definitely helped to get rid of them. Now I only have a few red marks, and even though I do get the odd spot, this tea tree formula works wonders for me, and I’d definitely recommend it! It’s only £6 too!

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask
I’ve always been a sucker for a face mask, and this baby was actually part of the Seaweed set I got from my mum for Christmas in 2014! It sat around my bathroom for a good few months until I actually used it and fell in love. It’s so thick, and you can feel it actively cleansing deep down in your skin. You can even see the little dark patches where it’s absorbing the oil from your skin as the mask dries. Very very cool, and extremely effective.

Garnier Micellar Water
A beauty blogger favourite, need I say more? I’ll summarise it in a sentence: This Micellar water doesn’t sting your eyes, make your face feel tight or oily, and takes off every little morsel of makeup. And it’s cheap. And it’s amazing!

What were our skincare favourites of 2015? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jasmine x



  1. The Body Shop clay mask sounds so good, i think i need it for my skin pronto!

    Aliya x | |

  2. The Garnier Miscellar water has been a total favourite for me for ages now! It's so gentle on the skin which I love! x


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