Sunday, April 3, 2016


So a couple of days ago, I was feeling extra lonely and a little bit moody. So I did what any logical, slightly impoverished student (with only beans and a packet of noodles in her cupboard for the rest of the week) would do, and took myself into Bristol City Centre to do a bit of shopping! I’m sure lots of girls are guilty of this, but there’s seriously nothing better than a bit of guilty pleasure, excessive spending on a load of stuff you don’t necessarily need to cheer yourself up.

My phone was due an upgrade last week, and since dropping it down a toilet and smashing the screen off, I literally almost sprinted through the doors of Carphone Warehouse as the first stop of my little shopping trip. I settled on a brand spanking new iPhone 5S in silver and white. How very blogger of me! I’m adoring it so far; I’m so excited about all the free space I’ve got, and all the new apps I’ve downloaded. VSCO, I’m talking about you!

Then I stopped off at Boots to collect my online order. I bought myself a Real Techniques Miracle Sponge, something I’ve been lusting over for months and months. I’m a devoted buffing-brush girl normally, but most of the beautiful bloggers I know are obsessed with this sponge, so I’ve been desperate to give it a go. Next was the NYX Lingerie Matte Liquid Lipstick in Beauty Mark. It’s a shade a girl can only dream of, and an almost exact dupe of the Kylie Jenner True Brown Liquid Lipstick! YouTube definitely made me buy this, and since trying it on, I can’t wait to rock it on glam summer nights.

Not that I’d ever mention this on my blog usually, I then popped to Sports Direct to purchase what might be the chavviest thing I’ve bought for a while! To be honest, I’ve really given in to the Instagram hype with the whole cap trend lately. I seriously can’t get enough. This was only £9.99, and I like to think it’s modest and minimalistic enough to look chic. Plus it hides my roots! Win!

Then I nipped into Bargain Buys, mostly to stock up on deodorant and chocolate buttons, but then these super cute mason jars stopped me in my tracks. These are only £1, and come in a massive range of colours and patterns and straws. I went for the typical ‘blogger’ clear jar with a cutesy blue swirly straw. I also caught sight of the Original Source bottles of body wash. I adore Original Source; their products smell like desserts and they’re all cruelty free. I was going to pick up my usual Raspberry and Vanilla, but I decided to give Coconut a try. If I’m honest, I just really liked the colours of the packaging, but then when I got home I smelled it and oooh lawd. Then I grabbed my favourite purple conditioner by Pro:Voke, as it’s super cheap in Bargain Buys and is one of the best conditioners for keeping my silvery-blonde hair brass-free!

It was a well overdue little shopping trip, and it really helped cheer me up. I got home, put all my new purchases on my desk ready for photos the next morning, and promptly jumped into bed with a bottle of strawberry and kiwi sparkling water (in true blogger fashion) and watched an entire season of The Moaning Of Life. Mission complete.

Lots of love,

Jasmine x


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  1. Nothing ever beats a haul, especially when its phone upgrade time! Love the bits you got, the RT sponge really is fab, and that Nyx lipstick looks stunning! :)


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