Sunday, April 24, 2016


I’m obsessed. Eternally, devotedly, unconditionally. The Original Source range of body washes are my absolute everything! So far, I’ve tried about three scents. So, on my usual run to Boots for all my hugely exciting bits and bobs (toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant and shower gel), I decided NOT to go with my usual Original Source wash and try this beautiful looking Coconut scent instead. I normally choose the Raspberry and Vanilla scent, just because it smells like you’re bathing in cheesecake or something. However, my Boots run this time fell on a day when I was feeling particularly adventurous, and so I made the most daring decision of the week and grabbed this baby.

Can we start by appreciating the bottles for these things? Call me crazy, but I absolutely love the Original Source packaging. There’s something about the colour schemes and the cute font and the sleek bottles that I find look really good on my bathroom shelves. (Can you tell how exciting my life is?) Plus, I was feeling a little minimalistic this week, and thought the white, black and brown colours would look better for my blog photos. Ah, the life of a beauty blogger!

The scent of this shower gel is beyond dreamy. It’s definitely more understated and delicate than some of the other scents. I have found that the Mango, Mint and Lime ones can be a bit of a smack in the face. Great first thing in the morning when you’re trying to get up and go, but not very soothing or relaxing for an evening scrub. The Coconut fragrance really is lovely. This shower gel also moisturises my skin and leaves it feeling really lovely.

Possibly the most important point, though, and the reason I think so highly of these body washes, is that they’re all vegan and cruelty free. I’m not a vegan, but I’m obviously always reaching for cruelty free cosmetics. The fragrances are also all 100% natural, so you know you’re not rubbing a load of harsh chemicals into your skin. All in all, it’s another winner by Original Source for me!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. Original Source do my favourite shower gels, I think coconut is definitely the best one! xx


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