Saturday, December 17, 2016


Check me out, blogging about things I’ve been doing and ACTUALLY leaving the house for once! I felt like my blog was getting a bit boring with all the constant beauty reviews, and thought that it might be fun to review places I’ve been and things I’ve done. Chris and I have been making an effort to have some down-time together, going on dates and stuff together. We get so wrapped up in university and work that we can find it hard to have quality time together, so we’re trying to be more conscious of date-nights. That’s where God’s greatest gift to mankind, Groupon, comes into play. I’m forever scrolling through their deals, and I found a fab one for 6 cocktails for something ridiculous like £22 at Far Rockaway in Shoreditch.

The Bar itself is surprisingly huuuge and very weirdly decorated. I say it was weird, but I was actually loving the mural of Hitler begging every horror movie villain ever for his life on the wall. We came, we saw, we drank. I chose an Old Fashioned to kick things off, and Chris went for the ever-so-masculine Appletini. He had the last laugh, though, as I sat there choking and spluttering my way through the whisky. Then it was onto a Cosmopolitan for me (my ultimate fave) and Chris went for a Long Island Ice Tea. Now, I’ve only tried a couple in the past, but they have always floored me. Chris’s was actually GOOD, and so we both decided that for the last round, we’d both get a lethal Long Island Iced Tea and disorientatedly stagger back to the tube station in the rain.

All in all, Groupon has delivered AGAIN. I’ll definitely be trying out new bars that I may not have even looked at in the past. Far Rockaway was super fun, cosy, with 90s R&B playing and reeeally friendly staff. Also, I do love a good cocktail!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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