Friday, December 2, 2016


I seem to have built up quite the collection of these Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks by Gerard Cosmetics. I started off with two, but two simply wasn’t enough for me, because I’d fallen so deeply in love with the shades and the dreamy formula. These lipsticks are perfect for overdrawing my non-existent lips, and they’re so comfortable all day. I bought a couple from BeautyBay, a couple from Amazon, and one straight from the US website, so they’re popping up everywhere and should be quite easy to get your hands on. They’re also not TOO pricey; they’re £13-ish, making them rather purse-friendly.

Boss Lady
I love a deep brick red for A/W. This shade has an interesting 90s twist on the classic red lip, and contrasts so nicely with my sheet-of-a4-paper-like skin. I’ve noticed that it’s been really popular with girls with darker skin, too, so even though it’s suuuper dark, it suits pretty much everyone. I usually wear this with a simple eyeliner flick and leave everything else quite understated as it is such a show-stopper. I’ve worn this loads over the past couple of weeks, and always seem to get a few compliments!

This was one of the first two shades I chose, and while I like it, I’ve not really found a way of wearing it that I like yet. I usually go for quite browny, grey-ish, muted shades, and this one is actually quite a pinky, peachy nude. I actually think this’ll be far better suited for spring, just because it does seem quite warm and floral. We’ll see!

Iced Mocha
This is the holy-grail of the bunch. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to sleep with this and take it everywhere I go. It’s the most beautiful muted browny-grey nude. It’s the perfect wintery day-time lipstick and always makes me feel a little bit mature and sophisticated (ya know, I can pretend I have my life together when I’ve got this on). I definitely think it’s quite a ‘grown-up’ shade, but I like it and think it suits me. I’ve worn this soooo much, and it makes my overdrawn lips look hella natural so I can carry on resisting the needle (for now!)

Again, I’ve baaaarely worn this! It’s a stunning pale mauve nude, I think I’ve only tried it on once, but I got a bit peeved because the purpley tones in the lipstick made my teeth look really rather yellow. I don’t have overly yellow teeth, but this lipstick contrasts with them and makes them look far worse than they actually are, so I’m wrestling with my paranoia and embarking on a teeth-whitening career before I feel like I can go near this. All said and done, I adore the shade and can’t wait to start slathering it on every day. Again, it’d be a perfect frosty, winter daytime shade!

Skinny Dip
This is a super duper girly shade that I never ever thought would suit me. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did, but other girls looked sooo pretty in it so I wanted to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised! It’s quite a pale, baby pink, but still looks really natural and very understated for every day wear. I’ve worn this loads of times now, and it’s one of those colours I go for when I’m having a more natural makeup day. I really really love it, even though I thought I wouldn’t. It’s great for paler skin and looks really cute against my grey hair.

Overall, this collection of liquid lipsticks is incredible. The formula is so comfortable and long-wearing. I barely need to touch it up throughout the day, unless of course (and this is quite frequent actually) I’m inhaling an entire greasy pizza or downing pints of Kronenbourg. They make me feel really glam and feminine, and I immediately fall in love with any product that allows me to fake that I’ve got lips. If you’ve not tried these yet, I’d wholeheartedly recommend them. There’s a shade for absolutely everyone, and I think there’s a real reason they’ve become so loved on the bloggersphere lately!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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