Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I ventured out into the magical world of Westfield Stratford for a bit of retail therapy before Valentine’s Day, so I’m sorry about how late this post is (crap blogger award goes to me)! I was actually extremely hungover and exhausted after a night with my head inside a wine glass (or six), and decided that spending money would be the answer to all my woes.

I was right.

Adidas Originals Crop Top | Urban Outfitters | £25
IT IS SO RARE THAT I CAN AFFORD TO EVEN SET FOOT IN AN URBAN OUTFITTERS STORE THESE DAYS. But, after an extraordinarily unfortunate event involving toilet bleach and my beloved older Adidas crop top, my wardrobe was definitely missing something. I’m a sucker for Adidas, and I spotted this beautiful short-sleeved, fitted crop t-shirt in UO, and I knew I had to get it. I’ve worn it a few times, but now spring is springing, I’m looking forward to getting it on more.

Valentine’s Day Card | Urban Outfitters | £4
I was reluctant to post this before V-day just on the off-chance Chris actually gave a shit and looked at my blog, but this was the Valentine’s card I got for him. We luuurved Stranger Things last year, and we can’t wait for the next season. The card says: “On a scale of one to ten, you’re an eleven”, which is simultaneously romantic and badass. Next year I’m determined to find him a Walking Dead V-day card. Also, just a side note – my eyes did water at the price, but whatever, we can’t put a price on luv xoxox

Make Up Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade | Superdrug | £8
The. Bloody. Cheek. Of. Makeup. Revolution. Right. Now. I can’t believe they get away with making such convincing dupes of higher end stuff. This palette is almost identical to the Kat Von D Light and Shade palette, but only costs a fraction of the price. The KVD version is also sold out almost everywhere I look, and so I felt like this was a pretty good investment. It’s still not been opened, if I’m honest. I mean, I can barely even close my drawers because I’ve got so many eyeshadow palettes, but its day will come.

Revlon ColourStay Makeup for Oily/Combination Skin in Ivory | Superdrug | £12.99
This has been my go-to drugstore foundation for aaages now. I discovered it when I was living in Bristol and ran out of my L’Oreal True Match. After I realised this was pretty much a dupe for the Estee Lauder foundation, I fell in love with this. I’m in the shade Ivory, which I think might be the palest shade, but it’s a good match! It’s also really fab at covering my heinous spots and red patches, and it’s true to its word about catering for the oily-skinned gal. This is a repurchase, and it will probably always be on my repurchase list.

Long Sleeve Choker Top in Grey | Topshop | £19
I’ve wanted a choker top for aaaages but never found one I liked. That was until I found Topshop’s beautifully fitted, lighter material choker crop top. I chose the colour grey because every time I come home with a new black crop top, Chris loses the plot and says I have about 100 versions of the same top (lies and slander), but now I wish I grabbed a black one too as I can’t find one in my local store anymore! I might have to order one online before they stop doing them. I absolutely love this top; it’s very flattering and definitely different to my 100 other crop tops.

In my emotional, hungover state, I also popped into JD Sports for a new Adidas T-shirt for Chris. I tried to take a picture but he was literally wearing it for about two weeks after I bought it, so we’ll have to use our imaginations.

We’re just about moved in to our new place now! It’s still a bit stressful, and the unpacking seems to be lasting forever, but we’re really settling in to our new 2-bed home. Once it’s looking like less of a hovel, I’ll be sure to take some pictures and maybe do a new flat tour for my YouTube channel!

Lots of love,


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