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I tend to get a lotta lotta questions about my hair (even though I think it looks a hot mess usually), and people like to ask what I use to get my various levels of blonde and pastel colours. Knight & Wilson, who make Colour Freedom and Style Freedom products are some of my most used products. They’re cruelty-free, have the most up-to-date and most-wanted shades on the market (in my opinion), and their hair colours actually work. My review of their Metallic Glory Silver Grey Dye is one of my most-read blog posts ever! So when they contacted me and asked if I’d like to review a few new products from their range, I was like “OH, if I must!”. I’m so excited to share what I received and let you know my first impressions of these lovely bits…

When the lovely Laurel contacted me and asked if I’d like to review one of the new Metallic Glory shades, she basically noticed how jacked-up my roots were looking. To be honest, they were practically knee-length at this point. So she chucked in the Cream Bleach to go with the dye. I’m notoriously tragic at bleaching my own roots at home, but more on that later…


Inside the Colour Freedom Cream Bleach box, you get:
1 x Lightening Cream
1 x Cream Developer (6% 20vol.)
1 x Sachet of Conditioning Treatment
1 x Brush Applicator thingy
1 x gloves
1 x instructions leaflet

This product says it is able to lighten your hair up to 8 levels. And I sooooo wish I wasn’t cursed by the hair-bleaching gods. I got my mate over specially to help me bleach my roots at home, and I forgot to set a timer. I think it was left on for about 35 minutes all-in-all, and I was freaking out that my hair was all gonna fall out, so I rinsed it off slightly prematurely and ended up with the dreaded TINGE OF GINGE. Despite from the minor issue of now looking related to my ginger boyfriend, my hair isn’t looking or feeling damaged, it’s soft, and definitely lighter. 

I do acknowledge that this little bleaching faux pas was my fault, and I’m sure that if I got another box of this bleach, or if I’d left it on a bit longer, I’d have ended up with a pretty pale blonde. I’ve been pondering how to correct this problemo. I can always get another box of bleach, but I’m not 100% if I’m sold on that idea. My plan is to tone and tone and tone it, so it’s nice and bright, and then stick a grey or pastel shade over the top!

Next up, I tried the Colour Freedom Metallic Glory Permanent Hair Colour in Grey Pearl which is one of the new shades of their much-loved dye. Inside the box, you get:
1 x Cream Developer (2% 6.7vol.)
1 x Colourant
1 x Sachet of Conditioning Treatment
1 x gloves
1 x instructions

I was calling this shade 'Pearl Grey' all day. I clearly have tea on the brain. I chucked this dye on in a bit of a panic after unveiling my newly strawberry-blonde roots. I focused the dye on my roots to try to neutralise the slight brassiness, and it softened the ginge down tremendously! I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to see what it looked like on my clean blonde lengths, but it actually worked really well as a bit of a root life-saver! The slight lilac tones and the grey tones of this dye calmed my roots down a tonne, and is going to make correcting the colour a hell of a lot easier.

Then there’s the Style Freedom Hair Detox Kit! In the box you get:
1 x Hair Detox Part 1: Purifier
1 x Hair Detox Part 2: Revitalise

I haven’t actually tried this yet, but I’ve done a bit of reading up on it and I can tell you that people seem to really like it. It’s rated 5* on Superdrug’s website and there’s a fair few proper reviews. It’s a system to detoxify and rehydrate the hair, and NOT a colour stripper, which I initially thought it was. The reviews on Superdrug are blimmin’ positive, though. People are saying it’s making their hair shiny, soft, silky and helped a girl with drier bleached hair.

Next up is the Style Freedom Rejuvenating Vitamin Oil, which does what it says on the tin. It’s a 100ml bottle of hair oil that contains Argan Oil and Vitamins A & E. I’m always using hair oils. As someone who has bleached their hair for yeeeeears, my hair could always do with a bit of extra nourishment. 

Then there’s the Style Freedom Heat Shield Style Primer Spray and the Style Freedom Workable Hairspray. I don’t often use a heat shield spray, just because I very very very rarely blow-dry or straighten my hair (hence it always looking like a bag of dicks), BUT I will say that I’m glad it is in my collection. I’ve been looking at investing in a curler or a waver, so making sure I protect my already-damaged hair will be a big big bonus. As for the hairspray, it’s a really nice formula. There’s nothing worse than crispy hair, and this one doesn’t leave that nasty flaky finish. It keeps your hair looking clean and soft, not like you’ve dunked it in varnish. To be honest, I can see my boyfriend stealing the entire can’s worth before I’ve had a chance to test it properly, but it is a lovely spray.

I’m so flipping grateful to the team at Knight & Wilson for so generously sending me these products to review for you. Their new Metallic Glory range has warmer-toned colours which are going to be sooooo perfect for Spring and Summer this year. 

Will you be trying any of the new shades?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

*Disclaimer - While I have been sent these products for review on my blog, this has not affected the review I have given. All products reviewed are still done so with 100% my honest opinion.

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