Wednesday, February 21, 2018


OOOH LAWD LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT. LAAWDDD LOOK WHAT’S ABOUT TO MAKE ME STRUGGLE AND SUFFER UNTIL PAYDAY. That’s right, your favourite moron with zero self control is back again with another ill-advised purchase that is set to simultaneously improve and ruin her life. But can you really blame me? Look at this little nugget of heaven and tell me you wouldn’t live off beans on toast if it meant you could own this…? Nah? Just me? Ok.

Well, to be honest: It hasn’t been all ‘OOH’s and ‘AAHHH’s with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ latest offering. It’s been quite the opposite, in fact. For a start, they’re wanting another £43 off you. I get it, I get it. The eyeshadows are super high-quality and amazing, but another palette priced at £43 is starting to get ridiculous. I own three of the four ABH palettes, meaning I’ve already spent WELL over a hundred quid and waaaay more than I should have.

Another irk about this palette is the packaging. Yep, it features the velvet outer that we all know and love, but beige. Beige? It’s honestly the most dead colour you could ever choose. I’d have preferred something that represented the shades inside more accurately, as they’re all beautiful. Maybe a red velvet outer? Or a rich chocolate brown? But not bloody beige!

I’ll condense the next three gripes down to save me looking like too much of a spoilt brat, but the shipping took about 6 days. It was free, but obviously I wanted it a bit sooner. And under no circumstances was I going to pay £9.95 for express shipping. 

Weirdly, the brush that comes with this palette felt really spiky, when the others have all been soft. It is really annoying because the two free brushes I got with the Modern Renaissance and Prism palette became my favourite eyeshadow brushes, but when I was using this one, it felt coarse and almost sharp. Y tho?

My other little whinge is that at least two of these shades are repeated from ABH’s other palettes. I own the Modern Renaissance Palette which has the shades Cyprus Umber and Burnt Orange. WTF are the same shades doing in here?? Also, Dusty Rose looks suspiciously like Buon Fresco from the MR Palette. Hmmm.

But aside from those points, I’m honestly and completely in love. I’m a sucker for palettes that contain really ‘wearable’ shades; nudes, bronzes, browns, taupes. This is exactly the sort of palette I like, and it contains 14 really beautiful and wearable colours. I also love the fact that all the colours seem cohesive and easy to match together (*Ahem* UNLIKE the ABH Prism Palette). The colours flow and make it easy to see which order to use them in.

Again, as we expect with ABH’s shadows, the pigmentation and quality of the shades are really up there. When looking at my finger-swatches, even the very pale shades are visible and are all beautiful colours. It took two makeup wipes to get the colour off my arm when I was done. 

They all feel creamy and blend beautifully. I always describe Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows as more like ‘pressed pigments’, as they’re so opaque. With that being said, I did experience some fallout when I was filming my first impressions video. It’s not the end of the world but it’s important to remember to tidy it up before you go.

Compared to the previous two palettes released, Prism and Subculture, this one is just so so so much better, in my opinion. The shades are beautiful, it’s far more wearable. It is probably my favourite palette out of all of them, to be honest. It’ll definitely be the one I pick up the most. 

I feel like I moaned about it a lot at the beginning of the review, but that’s mainly because I’m vexed at myself for falling victim to another ABH palette. It is genuinely beautiful, very luxurious, and I am FEELIN MY MAKEUP LOOK AS I HEAD OUT TO DINNER. 

Will you be investing in this palette?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


  1. I love the swatches!
    Honestly with eyeshadows I expect fall out, if it doesn’t then a bonus but if it does then it’s not the end of the world!
    I really enjoyed reading your review and I’ll definitely be purchasing this.

    ibreathemakeup xx |

    1. It's definitely worth the investment, for me. I've used it every time I've done my makeup since I bought it!



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