Friday, October 28, 2016


Hi, I’m Jasmine and I have absolutely no grasp of the concept ‘student budget’. Lately this is how I’ve started virtually every blog post, but hey, if I can survive on beans on toast for a week (which I’ve tried, and I CAN), then why shouldn’t I buy myself unnecessary pretty things? I recently splashed a bit of cash on the ZOEVA Rose Gold Palette which, at £18, isn’t the most bank balance-crippling item ever, but certainly dented my weekly food budget. C’est la vie! It’s BEAUTIFUL, and even though I’m reluctant to post a picture on my instagram because it’ll ruin my theme, I still think that it is a total golden babe.

I’ve fallen in love with the whole rose gold thing. Even though I’m super duper late to the party, I’m committing to it. I’ve already invested in ZOEVA’s Rose Gold Brush set and I adore it. We should all just accept that ZOEVA is the reigning queen of rose gold. This palette was released in a bundle of three new ones, more recently than their usual eyeshadow palettes, and they seem to have been met with incredible reception from the bloggersphere. There’s a Mixed Metals one, A Cocoa Blends one (which I may or may not have on the way in the post) and this Rose Golden one.

Aside from the garish, instagram theme-ruining orange packaging which I really really hate, the shades inside have not disappointed me. It’s exactly the kind of high pigmented quality I have come to expect from ZOEVA’s cosmetics range. The shades are a mixture of mattes and shimmery shades, and can all be mixed and matched together to create some super beautiful makeup looks. My favourite two shades are Just a Rose and Shining Bright, because they’re probably the most true rose-gold toned shadows, which are usually hard to find. All of the shades are easy to blend and seem to really suit my skintone.

I seem to think that this may be a palette that’s better suited to spring time. I’m actually amazing at buying things at completely the wrong time of year. Nevertheless, I’ve been wearing this a lot. I love blending the gold tones with burgundy eyeshadows for autumn/fall looks and it is, in general, a reeeally lovely palette to have added to my collection.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. I love this palette, straight after buying and trying this one I picked up the Cocoa Blend one too which is all sorts of beautiful! If you wanted something to go with your Instagram theme try the Smoky Palette!! :) x

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