Friday, April 21, 2017


Good morning/afternoon/evening! I’m communicating with you from what feels like the pits of hell. I’ve been practically bedridden for a week with a hideous cold, and my Easter holidays from uni feel like they’ve been a little bit wasted. I actually managed to haul myself into the shower today, and take a few blog pictures, and I felt like a sickness survival blog post would be hella relevant. I’m not entirely sure what plague I’ve caught, but these four items are always within arm’s reach when I’m on the brink of death.

Superdrug’s Nasal Inhaler |
I actually can’t find this on the Superdrug website, but mine is slightly old now. There are very similar ones in all pharmacies, and they’re only a couple of quid. There are very few things less attractive than a runny, blocked nose, and this little tampon-looking inhaler helps to clear it out a little bit. Plus, I love the smell of menthol (petition for a menthol perfume plz?) so I’m perfectly happy to sniff this all day.

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion | £27
This little baby comes out of my skincare drawer to help me out when I’m dry and dehydrated. It’s been out since winter, but I’ve kept it out because I’ve been feeling so grotty. I never usually mousturise because I’m a greeeeasy gal, but when I’m ill or run-down, my skin needs a bit of a moisture boost. This oil-free formula is brilliant because it doesn’t turn me into an oil slick, but it makes my dried out skin feel much more comfortable. It’s pricey, but since I don’t use it much, it’s top of my list for moisture boosting products.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Lip Cream | £2.59
Of all the lipbalms I’ve tried and tested, this is one of the best. I know it looks like cold-sore cream, and it looks thick and white and slimy, it really works well. When I’m sick, I sleep with my mouth hanging open in the most  s t u n n I n g  manner, which means my breath ends up foul and my lips start cracking. Although I really like this lipbalm, I would like one that works faster and more efficiently, so if you have any recommendations, do let me know!

Primark Sunglasses | £2
When there’s no milk in the fridge and the Ben & Jerry’s has run dry, there’s only one thing to do: go down to LIDL in your onesie, a topknot, and a pair of sunglasses. My eyes get sensitive in the light when I’m feeling poorly, so I spend days in a darkened room watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. When I actually have to leave the flat, I’m dazzled by the outside world (what is grass?). And although I don’t get ill very often, sometimes I need to just stick on a pair of sunnies and brave the outdoors.

As I said, I’m not poorly very much, so when I do get ill, I literally feel like the world is ending. Another few things I’d recommend getting are a bath bomb, some bubble bath, a magazine, find a good series on Netflix, and enlist a family member to be your tea-slave. I’m very much taking some much-needed time for myself, and hopefully I’ll be right as rain in a few days. If not, I’m going to stay in my bed watching reality TV for the rest of eternity, and I’m OK with that.

What are your best sickness survival tips?

Lots of love,

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