Saturday, April 8, 2017


Being on one of these pesky diets and counting calories is…strangely fun. I get really obsessed with it. I love working out what’s in what food, and getting creative in the kitchen. I’m on a mission for the summer bod I’ve been dreaming of (and that have been teasing me on those fitspo Instagram pasges). I’m doing pretty well. I’m eating healthier, I’m moving more, I’m drinking more water. And you know what? I’m feeling better! This is the second part of this What I Ate Today series, and you can find the previous one here! So, here’s what I’ve been guzzling today.

Banana and yoghurt

It was my day off, so I actually had time to take a picture of my banana-topped-yoghurt in my pretty pink bowl. This is literally the easiest thing you could have for breakfast. I slice up one medium banana and throw it on top of about a third of a pot of Onken Fat Free Vanilla yoghurt. Bananas are quite high in calories (a medium banana is about 102 calories!) but they’re full of goodness so we’ll allow it. Then, the yoghurt is roughly 113 calories. I can’t even face the day without a tea, so add on a Twinings English Breakfast tea with one sugar.

John West Mexican Style Tuna Salad
Lunch was extreeeemely convenient today, if a little pricey. I grabbed this from the shop down the road, and it cost £2.69. I’m obsessed with tuna and its bad-breath-inducing qualities. I’m also a fiend for Mexican food, so this hit all the spots. It’s only 255 calories in total, and to be honest, I started climbing the walls at around 4pm because I was starving to death. It did taste good, though. I had another tea with lunch, then settled down for a good old Judge Judy sesh.

Wagamama Yaki Soba
What a lil treat! Chris and I headed off to Wagamama because we are lazy and love a bit of Japanese in our lives. I chose the chicken and prawn Yaki Soba (as always). Chris has the veggie Katsu Curry because he’s an unadventurous white girl. My dinner cost me 728 calories, which is hellaaaa high for me for one meal. I made up for it by just having green tea and water to drink, and I always fling the hellish pickled shit from the top. It was delicious and I felt too full to go on living. Success!

That means my day’s intake was roughly 1298 calories, which is a little on the higher end of my 1200-1300 daily goal. I did have a meal out, which will AAAALWAYS bump up those calories. Please do bear in mind, though, that I take my Glucomannan complex capsules before each meal (which I talk about in this blog post) which do help me feel fuller for longer, and mean I don’t need to eat as much in order to feel full. I’m a cheat! AND WOT. I need to fit back into my extraordinarily expensive Triangl bikini this summer.

Look out for my next What I Eat In A Day blog post! I’d really recommend keeping a food diary (even a private one) because it helps me to keep on track so much. I also use (and HIGHLY RECOMMEND) the MyFitnessPal app, which gives you calorie goals, and lets you record your food, water and exercise for the day. If you’re also on a weightloss mission, good luck!

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  1. I'm on a little diet at the moment as well. I've made myself an 'healthy eating' instagram which will hopefully help with keep on track! I love seeing what people who are trying to do healthy are eating because we all know its not always salads all the time!

    Katie |

  2. I love reading/ watching what i eat in a day! I always find them so fascinating.. Sound's like your doing well on your healthy eating atm :) Now it's getting warmer i'm trying to eat healthier but i'm struggling a bit to stick to it



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