Sunday, May 7, 2017


April's been a goodie and a baddie. I guess all months have their ups and downs, but April has mostly made me want to retire permanently to my bed to play Sims 4 and cry into cups of tea. But then again, some really good things happened too...

Student loooooooan
Need I say more??? Cash is upon me and I'm frittering it (un)wisely!

Date Nights with my one and only
With money in our pockets, and the stresses of paying rent minimised for at least a month or two, we've actually been able to /SHOCK/ leave the house! We've been out for dinner (which I blogged about last week) and have enjoyed shopping days out, brunches, evenings down the pub and probably MORE than our fair share of takeaways.

Chris's band's music video release
I'm super proud of Chris's band Hearth for releasing their first music video and official single this month. The boys worked so hard on it, it's a fantabulous video and even though I've heard it approx. 137464 times now, it's not as evil as some of his previous band's work. For those of you who are partial to a little bit of melodic/post hardcore (whatever that means) music, then you might just enjoy 'Text Me When You're Home' by Hearth (Link here!)


Job Hunting
I've had absolutely NO luck so far. I've been really trying, and really feeling frustrated with myself and with the entire process. Even more annoyingly, one of my interviews was really promising and the boss-man said he'd definitely be in touch and was very impressed, and has now been dodging my calls to chase him up for a good few days. I understand that things happen and better candidates for a job might come along, but p l e a s e just answer the phone and tell me so I can stop hanging around waiting for the job I really wanted!!! I've given up on this dude now, by the way, and I'm heading off first thing this morning to hand out CVs again. 

Uni is toughening up
Lessons are over and we are firmly in the mass-panic-quick-write-all-the-things-you-should-have-already-and-prepare-oral-presentations-that-reflect-on-your-work-and-try-not-to-sit-on-your-arse-doing-nothing-because-there's-no-more-classes-and-please-just-pass-the-year-ffs. I've got a few deadlines, presentations and hand-ins to make, and then I'm DONE. I just need to get there ASAP because my motivation tank is down on empty.

I can't stop spending my bloody student loan and that comes with GUILT 
I'm a firm believer in the 'Treat Yo'Self' mantra, and it's so rare I get any bloody money that when it lands in my bank account, I go a bit stupid and start buying things I really could live without. But I want things! But, I'm yet to find a job, and if I keep going the way I'm going, there'll be no loan left for June's rent, and then you'll be tripping over me on your way to the tube, and I sincerely hope you can chuck me a quid because I failed at managing my finances.

How was your April?

Lots of love,


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