Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I’m one of these bloggers who are really lazy and slow to jump on any sort of hype. I think the fastest I ever bought a ‘cult’ product was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, and it still took me about three weeks to hand over the cash. Here’s another example of my lack of urgency when it comes to buying blogger favourites; the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation 16HR.

If you’re always scrolling through blogs or Instagram, this little black tube of lusciousness will be no stranger to you. I’m a big lover of French products; my fave being La Roche Posay, yet I’ve never tried Vichy until now. It cost £17.99, which seemed a little more expensive than what I’d been expecting. Everyone always says how affordable it is, but eighteen bloody quid is still on the steep side for a penniless sitar player blogger. Luckily I had some points on my Superdrug card to knock some pounds off the total price.

I was sort of hoping they’d have the foundation in the shade Porcelain 05, but I ended up with Opal 15, which is slightly deeper and yellow-er. I’m really quite pale, but I figured since summer is coming and I reeeally wanted to try this foundation I should take it anyway and give it a go. 

I was surprised to find that the foundation is actually a really good match for me, even though I’ve not quite got my summer glow yet. Despite the fact it’s slightly yellow, I can even it out using my MAC Powder + Foundation over the top. It’s got wonderful coverage, too, blends out wonderfully and covers most of my pesky freckles. It feels very light and airy on my oily skin.

I’ve also found that it’s got a fair amount of staying power. I work behind a bar in a hot pub, and my foundation stays (mostly) in place. My face is pretty much an oil-slick at the best of times, but this foundation really holds its own. It’s pretty much crease-proof, too! There are no lines in my under-eye or on my eyelids, which are always the main offending areas for creasing.

I’d say that the coverage is somewhere between matte and natural. For those dewy skin-lovers, this may not be the foundation for you. But, for matte-lovers who crave a full coverage base, this is one for you. I have found that it goes on the best using my Sigma F80 or the ZOEVA 104 Buffer Brush, and it really blends out to look like it’s part of your skin, rather than sitting on top of your skin.

I can see why the bloggers I follow are in love with this foundation; it’s a little tube of loveliness and I’ve been really enjoying using it. Despite the price tag being a liiiiiittle steep, it’s definitely one that I’m thankful to have in my collection. It’s certainly one of the better foundations I’ve spent my money on lately, and I’d quite like to try some of Vichy’s other offerings in the future, too.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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