Wednesday, February 4, 2015


So I’m writing this blog post on my brand new Macbook Pro! Some things here on JasmineMcRae are bound to change now, but my new technology will make things a lot easier, smoother and hopefully more beautiful!

Today’s post is on Lipcote, a product I discovered in my mum’s makeup bag when I was about 11. Throughout my teenage years, I never really needed such a product, but since I’ve started experimenting with bold lip colours, I’m loving this product for keeping my lip colour perfect. Lipcote is a sealant for the lips, which is applied after applying lipstick. It is the secret against fading, feathering, smudging and transferring lipstick and claims to be kiss proof! 

First things first, Lipcote has become a staple in my makeup routine on days I’m doing a bright, bold lip. I can’t wear my reds or plums without sticking this on afterwards, and I just feel like its a sort of ‘insurance’. I no longer notice my lipstick coming off when I eat or drink, and while I do still get a bit on my teeth here and there, it’s nothing compared to how it used to be. This stuff also makes your lipstick mostly kiss proof, obviously depending on how vigorous and slobbery the kissing is! I can usually have a few little pecks throughout the day without plastering poor Elliot and without having to obsessively re-apply after every smooch. 

I would like to point out, though, that if you’ve got dry or chapped lips at all, this stuff STINGS. I had no idea it stang so much the first time I started slathering it on, but my eyes actually started watering and I had to take breaks in between each swipe of the brush! Since then, I’ve made sure my lips are well moisturised and soft before applying this to minimise the stingy-ness, and it seems to work. 

Overall, this is a must for those of us who love to rock a vampy or bright lip because it genuinely seals in the lip colour and can keep your lips perfectly filled in all day! Mine was a gift from my mum for Christmas, but I believe it retails for around £3-£4 and you can pick it up at most Boots. It’s my secret weapon against fade, and since I’ve started using it, I can’t go without it. 


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