Wednesday, February 18, 2015

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red

As lipsticks go, MAC is arguably the best of the best. As for red lipsticks, MAC’s Russian Red has changed everything I thought I knew about a good red lip. I bought this for myself for Christmas and wrapped it up under the tree for myself to open (just to make sure I got something good! Ha) and I wore it to work that afternoon. Once I got over the hurdle of actually applying it, I was overwhelmed with how gorgeous a colour it is, and it’s made its way into my weekly makeup routine because I simply can’t go more than a week without wearing it. It is beautiful and I’m hooked. 

This mate lipstick is £15.50 and I got mine from the MAC counter in Plymouth. I was offered the matching lip pencil and at the time, I said I’d be fine without it. I WAS WRONG! I’m regretting leaving it behind now, because I don’t actually have a true blood red lip pencil and this matte lipstick is extremely challenging to apply straight without a liner. It is a dry-ish lipstick, so it can drag along the lips and look weird if you’re not careful; it’s not creamy and smooth like the cremesheens. Rather, it’s intensely pigmented and unbelievably opaque, so once its on, it is on. Not much room for mistakes!

With this being said, it’s the most incredible rich, blood red. I adore how it contrasts with my pale winter skin and my blonde hair, and I always feel like snow white when I wear it. I usually pair it with a thick black flick for that Hollywood Glam look, or with a simple soft brown smokey eye for a subtle look. I am yet to create a really dramatic look with this lip colour, but I think that for my friend’s birthday party next weekend I’ll create something intense and bold. I’m obsessed with the richness, the vibrancy and the supple, kissable matte finish of the lipstick. I can’t recommend it enough!


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