Thursday, November 5, 2015

5 Step Guide To Washing Your Makeup Brushes

When it comes to makeup brush washing, I’m a little bit of a slob. I usually wait until there is no possible way I can use my brushes before I even consider washing them; it’s just one of the chores of being a beauty blogger! It’s an important part of your beauty routine; think about the bacteria on your brushes which accumulate over time, and the application just isn’t as good when your brush is caked in god-knows-what. I’ve got my technique well and truly down, so I thought I’d share with you my easy peasy, quick and efficient way of washing my makeup brushes!

Step One: Collect Up All Your Dirty Brushes

I wash my foundation and eye brushes more than I wash my others; brushes like my stippling brush and my setting brush rarely get used, so they’re not half as dirty as the others. I like the get the job done quickly, so I leave the ones which aren’t terribly minging and focus on the foundation, buffing, powder and eye brushes. As well as this, consider which brushes might be harbouring the most germs! I barely use my concealer brush to cover up spots, but when I do, I know there’s a whole load of bacteria on that brush which needs cleansing.

Step Two: Wet Your Brush

Holding the brush at a downwards angle in warm to hot water, taking care not to allow any water into the ferrule (the metal bit which holds the hairs in place with glue), and swish it around on your fingers to make sure all the bristles are getting wet. I use hotter water because it kills off germs better, and ensuring no water gets into the ferrule means that the glue will hold your brush bristles in for a longer time.

Step Three: Lather Your Brush

I like to use my Carex Hand Soap for Sensitive Skin because it’s gentle, but also kills 99.9% of bacteria. Other people like to use baby shampoo because it’s conditioning and softening, but as a girl with bad spots sometimes, I like the know the bacteria is dead and gone! I squirt a bit onto my fingers and then swish the brush around in it, making sure I get lots of bubbles and that they’re reaching all of the bristles. If you don’t get many bubbles at first, rinse the brush and lather it again; the brush has a LOT of product on it still.

Step Four: Rinse Your Brush Thoroughly

Holding the brush at a downwards angle again, run it under warm to hot water again, taking care to swish the brush on your fingers and squeezing any bubbles out of the bristles. When the water runs clear and you can see any soapy bits in the hairs anymore, you’re all done!

Step Five: Dry Your Brush
To dry my brushes I gently rub my brushes along a towel to get off any excess moisture, and leave them on the side of my desk to dry. Leave the bristles sort of overhanging on your surface so that the air can get to all of them and speed up your drying time! My brushes usually take about 24hrs to dry.

DO: Be gentle with your expensive brushes and choose a day when you won’t need the majority of your brushes so you’re not left stranded prior to attending a dinner date or something!
DON’T: Let water into the ferrule, and once the bristles are wet, do not turn your brush upwards because warm water can get inside and damage the brush.

I hope this guide helped you out! I can now wash all of my makeup brushes in about 15 minutes, which makes me dread the task a whole lot less! What do you like to use to wash your makeup brushes?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. This is such a helpful post because I am so lazy when it comes to washing brushes, haha! xx


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