Monday, November 16, 2015

Winter Wishlist

I think it’s safe to say that it is definitely winter! With the weather getting colder and the C word approaching (Christmas, eek!) I thought I’d put together a winter themed wishlist to get us all into the spirit of all things chilly.

Knitted Slipper Boots
I tend to go through slippers like a crazy person; mine are always getting thrown away because I wear them every second I’m inside my flat. My favourite time to buy slippers is during winter, though, because they usually come in all sorts of really cute, cosy knitted styles with thick fleecy lining. Debenhams do some fantastic ones, but if you’re on a budget I’ve also seen some fab fluffy ones by Shoezone!

Galaxy Hot Chocolate
Maybe I’m cheating on this one but I’ve actually always got a tub of this in my cupboard; I’ve always got one handy just in case I can wrench myself away from the Twinings for long enough to indulge in a hot chocolate. My favourite is definitely Galaxy’s offering, but Aero’s is delicious too!

Essie Nail Polish in Bordeaux
Essie describes this as ‘deep red wine nail polish uncorks a positively intoxicating manicure.’ One of the whole reasons I adore autumn and winter so much is because of the deep berry and wine tones that seem to come with it. I’m never usually one for a red nail (I like to stick to my monochromes) but with this one I was just reminded of mulled wine and couldn’t resist sticking it on my wishlist.

Deer Themed Christmas Baubles
I’ve got a deer obsession; always have, always will. It might be because they’re my spirit animal and I like to keep them close. There’s something magical about them and they’re just so calming and beautiful. I found these deer themed baubles on Polyvore and I must try to track some similar ones down; they’re beautiful and will fit with most colour schemes.

Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask
There’s always something from Lush I’m craving. At the moment it’s their Oatifix fresh face mask, which claims it can nourish, hydrate and exfoliate the skin with its oatmeal, banana and kaolin ingredients. With the dry, cold weather taking it out of my complexion at the moment, hopefully this would restore my skin to it’s former glory!

Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette
Since purchasing the Boudoir Eyes Palette by Too Faced and absolutely adoring it, I’ve wanted to try their other products. The one I see and hear about mostly in the bloggersphere is their Natural Eyes Palette, with absolutely all of my favourite YouTubers and Bloggers raving about it at some point. The Too Faced palette I already own ticks all the boxes; pigmentation, longevity, blendability, prettiness of shades etc so I’m dying to try this well loved palette.

Lots of love,

Jasmine x


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  1. Oatifix is really good- especially when it's colder. Love Oats in ANYTHING! x

    Claudia Harriet


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